Chalk C



At a Glance

Chloe loves to tell everyone  "I am three and a half now, but Eli is still two."

She prefers tv to the great outdoors.

The girl loves tacos.

She is hooked on phonics, and knows what all of the letters "say."  She can sound out words with little prompting, but isn't reading on her own.

Ice cream makes her happy.

Her imagination is vivid, and she loves to play with her little people and their house.  In her dollhouse world, Grandma spends all of her time reading her Bible in the rocking chair on the porch.  Whenever the family goes somewhere Grandpa drives, and Mommy has to stay home.  At night, Daddy sleeps in the bathtub, Grandpa sleeps in the crib, and Mommy gets a bed. 

She loves to feed the animals at the lake. (geese, ducks, turtles, and fish all like old popcorn)

She is completely over the whole notion of naptime.

She loves to eat, and went from hating peanut butter to loving it.

She wants to live beside Mimi and Grandma.

I've never seen anyone panic the way she does.  Except maybe her MeMaw.

She is amazing with the computer.

She asks me a million times a day "Mommy, what should I do?"  Which is polite Chloe-speak for "I'm bored."

She still loves the water!  (Check out the beach pics on flickr)

She says, "Girls like Tarheels, Boys like Wolfpack." to which Daddy answers, "That's right Chloe!"

She wants to be a boy so that she can wear underwear because panties don't have Thomas on them.

She wants to obey and make Jesus happy and her teachers happy and her Mommy and Daddy happy.

Daddy is still "Dee Dee Daddy Boy."

She ALWAYS notices when anyone gets a haircut.

She likes to use the word always, such as, "I like to eat ice cream always."

She wants to play the violin, the guitar, and the piano.

She wants to be a Mommy just like Mommy when she grows up.

End of an Era

Chloe's favorite color is no longer "blue, light blue and dark blue," but, instead "all different colors."