31 Months

This has been the fastest month in the history of my marriage. I feel like I just sat down to type Chlo's 30 month post yesterday, and can't really imagine there being anything new to say today.
We started potty training last week with a little guidance from our favorite doctor, and I am happy to say Chloe is doing great. It of course started out rocky, with Chloe returning to her withholding routine, but she has already started going more often, and hasn't had an accident since last Wednesday!
In other news, Chloe continues to be such a sweet girl and a great helper around the house. She is beginning to pretend a little more, and likes to pretend to be Mommy, which is always endearing.
She is really into Thomas the Train and putting together puzzles. She is quite adept at figuring out pretty advanced puzzles alone or with very little help. She does ages 3+ and a couple of 5+. We bought her a new Bible with better pictures and longer stories, and she is really excited about that. Her old one is being shifted to the occupant just one door down. I hope he gets excited about the stories and clings to the Words as Chloe does.
This month's faves:

Books- Rooster's Off to See the World and Little Cloud by Eric Carle, Thomas and the Birthday Party, and Minerva Louise at School

Songs- This Old Man, ABC Song, Angels Watching Over Me, Father Abraham

To Do- Play in Water, Go to Church, Cook, Puzzles, Help Eli, Help Mommy do laundry, Tickle with Daddy, Water the Flowers, Climb and Jump off of stuff

Foods- "Watermelly", DoughNos (bagels), chicken, muffins, and for one beautifully weird day... a southwest grilled chicken and spinach salad

Another month down! School is getting closer every day.
Here's to more posts in June.

We Interrupt This Sabbatical

with an actual post!

I know it's been awhile, and I'm sure lots of really cute, blog-worthy things have happened. Probably an equal amount of cute and annoying, but unfortunately for all of us, the annoying is all that really sticks with me. Hence, the reason for the blog in the first place. Ah, well.

We've actually been quite busy being hospitable as of late. First with Sir Lancelot Huff's four day visit while his mommy had a baby....

Then with a week of TootieDoins.....

topped off by a day of Grandmas!

We've had so much fun around here that we just didn't have time to share it with all of you! Hopefully as things come to me I can put up a quote or two, but for now, I mustneeds get back to preparing meals for others and cleaning up little messes.


They Were Cousins, Identical Cousins

Revive Us Again

We are trying to re-find normalcy around here after a week of vacation followed by a week of late night revival. The kids are beginning to settle back into their eating and sleeping patterns, with Chloe refusing to eat anything but cereal in milk three times a day, and Eli phasing out of his morning nap. Yup, things are finally settling down. We got the chance to visit with extended family who happened to be down in Myrtle Beach while we were visiting back home. The weather was horrific with insane winds and really cold nights. We never even made it to the beach. We did, however, make it to Ripley's Aquarium, a really cool tourist destination. We gawked at the colorful fish, walked beneath the sharks, and petted some horseshoe crabs and rays. It was a fun day.

Seeing Double

Is it just me or are those two looking more and more like twins every day??!?!?

My Hamms

I pulled out a new toy I've had stashed away for awhile now. A pop-up soccer goal. The kids were both running around like crazy in the backyard, squealing and chasing their balls. I thought, "Perfect! They will love this!" And they did... so much for exercise and getting energy out.


Pullen Park


Daddy Blog: Getting Warmer

I was wiping the table off after supper (Terri was at a gym class. I kept looking at the table waiting for a kid to pick up a rag and go at it, but alas...) and Wormy was polishing off her nuggies.

Chlo: "It's cold." Referring to the dishrag.
Me: "Really? I think it's kinda warm."
Chlo: "No, it's kinda cold."
Me: "No, it's warm."
Chlo: "No, it's cold."
Me: "Here, feel it."
Chlo puts her hands on dishrag.
Chlo: "It's kinda cold."
Me: "Alright...but I think it's warm!"
Chlo: "It's werm."