The Big News!

No more pacis!

Yep, you heard me right!

No more pacis!

Not at day, not at night!

Wormy's Words

*Patrick is helping Chloe do the monkey bars at the park. She is sitting with her bottom in the crook of his arm, as he carries her from bar to bar.  

Me: Are you the Queen of the Park?

Chloe: No.

Me: Oh, well, are you the Princess? 

Chloe: Nooo. I'm the Wormy of the Park.

**During her nighttime song of "____ Loves Chloe."  During Mimi's verse.

 "Mimi loves Chloe, Mimi loves Chloe, Mimi loves Chloe, Because you're her Dar-lin"

Chloe looks up, says: Mimi lives too far away.  It makes me peepee in my pants..... (gets excited) But I don't peepee in my pants! I only peepee in potty!

***Nighttime prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank you for chicken pie!

Fun Facts

Chloe has officially renamed Patrick "Diddy Daddy Boy" and always refers to him or calls him by this full name.

 She is 60% height and 80% weight. 

She can officially do 65 piece puzzles, which astounds me. (Maybe I'm just being a Mom, but that seems crazy to me... especially since I really don't have the patience for a 65-piecer.)

She has finally seen a couple of episodes of Dora, and likes her.

When asked, "What did you learn at church today?" she actually tells me instead of just saying, "Learned about JESUS!"

She loves to eat nuts.

She loves the childcare at the gym.  This baffles me.

Chocolate milk is her favorite. Especially the kind from fast food restaurants.  For some reason it just tastes better than the home version of Skim Milk mixed with Trader Joe's Organic Midnight Moo.

She will do anything for chocolate.  Except try meatloaf.


Grandpa Calls Me Sweetie