All I Want For Christmas

a Laptop like this one

a Crest spinbrush with Hello Kitty

a crib/cradle/bed for Dolly

a vacuum cleaner like Mommy

an iron and ironing board like Mommy (like I ever use it as anything more than a storage shelf!)

a washer and dryer

anything Rose Petal Cottage (where, apparently, all your dreams come true)


Happy Halloween!


Happy Birthday, Chloe!

I can't believe Chloe is already four years old.  Time has flown by, on the one hand.  On the other, I can't really remember life without her.  She has been such a blessing to me, and a constant source of conviction.  She is one of the sweetest children I have ever known, full of concern for everyone around her, and with a lovely attitude that remains unblemished by bitterness and cynicism. 

Chloe loves to learn, and spends many hours at her desk doing her "schoolwork", a preschool workbook with sheets on phonics, counting, handwriting, rhyming, patterns, early math, etc.  She is going to be very ready when Kindergarten finally rolls around!

She is really into opposites, and loves to play the wonderful game of calling everyone and everything the opposite name (ie calling me "Daddy" and Patrick "Mommy").  A single game can last for hours or even days.  It's terribly fun.  Emphasis on TERRIBLE.

Chloe has decided that she will NOT be athletic.  She constantly tells Eli "When you grow up, Buddy, you are going to play (insert every sport), and I am going to watch and yell, YAY ELI!!" She did recently tell Patrick that she might play badmitton when she grows up.  I guess we shall see.

She has quite the eye for Strawberry Shortcake, Dora, and Princesses, finding them any and everywhere no matter how miniscule they are.  She announces over and over again in a loud voice when she finds them. ("Dora, Mommy! Dora!  Look! It's Dora! Do-Ra!")

Chloe adores her family.  Every extended member.  She cries for days every time we have to part ways with a grandparent or aunt or cousin or even an honorary uncle.

She rides her bike with training wheels rather well as long as you appear to be holding on.  The second she even suspects that you may have possibly even loosened your grip, she throws her arms toward you and bails off, leaving the bike to careen down the cul-de-sac and crash into the neighbor's curb.

She asks lots of doctrinally interesting (read: difficult) questions, and talks a lot about going to Heaven and living with Jesus.  She can't wait to get there.

She still has some anxiety when I leave her, but I think she is testing me more than anything.  I've caught many stray smirks and smiles as the tears have rolled down when she thought I was not looking.

She makes up songs about everything.  Constantly.  Some are really amusing.  Occasionally they are even kinda good.  Mostly they're just weird. Today's song was: Tree! Tree! Tree! Tree! Tree fall down.  It falls down on the sign and on the road. Trees fall down all the time. Trees fall down on the strawberry. Trees. Fall. Down. 

Followed by, "OK Eli, now you sing it!"

E: "Don't know how."

C: "I'll teach you again.  Listen this time, OK?"

E: "K" 

Chloe repeats song with surprisingly little variation. 

C: "Now it's your turn, E"

E: "Don't know how!"

C: "Yes you do, E! Try!"

E: "K, Trees. Tree. Tree. Tree fall down on Strawberry Shortcake."

C: "NO! NO! Trees not supposed to fall on Strawberry Shortcake! That's not how the song goes!"

She loves to teach Eli.  She teaches him puzzles, letters, colors, and about Jesus.

Strawberry Shortcake is her hero.

Fall Means Fair!

The kids loved the NC State Fair this year. The freebies, the animals, the stomach sickening rides, the fried things on sticks. The whole thing was a hit.  We got to go twice this year.  Once on free day with our friend Hope and her kids, and once on Saturday with Mimi and Grandpa.  I'm actually already looking forward to going again!  It always leaves me with the yearning to go back to my roots and become a farmer. On the other hand, I didn't even keep the cactus my dad gave me alive.  I don't think that bodes well for my new way of life.  The goats would make me happy, though.

The Silver Lining

The past two months have been full of sorrow and grief, pain and fear.  With the death of Daddypa, Granny's fall, Tootie's new shoulder, Tony's two heart surgeries, and MeMaw's torn ACL (not to mention Mimi's therapy, Mama's MRIs and XRays, and a couple of hearty colds for the wee ones) I couldn't help but become afraid and discouraged from time to time.   It's been a blessing to know the peace of Christ through it all.  I don't know how one makes it through such tough times without it.  Besides resting on the Lord, we were also able to really wrap ourselves in one of the greatest blessings God has given us on this earth. The love of family.  Though this time has been hard, very hard, we have had countless opportunities to spend with one another.  The kids were able to spend days and days at Mimi and Grandpa's while Patrick and I did what we could do to help Grandma and to grieve.  Then there was a week long stay at Grandma's for the kids  and I, with many more to follow.  Tootie came and hung her hat for a week here and another week there, and MeMaw and Poppa came to enjoy the kids and work in our yard, so Patrick and I could get away for a time of spiritual refreshment at the Wilds.  It has been so wonderful to constantly be around the people we love the most.  I just hate that it only happened as a result of tragedy.  I look forward to the day when we can all be closer together, or when we all get cars like the Jetsons to drastically cut down on the commute.  I just hope it happens before the kids are too cool to hang out with us anymore.


A Day Out With Thomas

We decided earlier this year that when Chloe's birthday rolled around, we definitely wanted to attend A Day Out With Thomas.   This year it just so happened that Thomas was at the NC Transportation Museum during the first weekend of October, and Chloe's birthday, as you know, is not until the last weekend of October.  Thus began the month of the birthday. 

The day was incredibly fun. I had no idea there would be so much to do when we signed up.  We had been to ride the Santa train before, and figured Thomas Day would be on the same scale.  Boy were we wrong.  There were Thomas tattoos, Thomas mini golf, Thomas train tables, a Thomas bouncing house, Thomas stamping, Thomas coloring, A live show with Bob the Builder, a room where you could watch Thomas videos and listen to Thomas storytelling, a giant Thomas made out of Legos, train displays like you wouldn't believe, and of course, the cherry on top, an actual steam engine Thomas that peeped and pulled and took children on rides.  The kids had an unbelievable time!  They are already talking about when we go back next year (which we won't be doing, by the way.  It was fun and all, but, once is enough!).  We took a break halfway through the day and had a picnic lunch with cake and everything under a beautiful tree in a nearby churchyard.  The weather was perfect. On the drive home we stopped at the beloved Sir Pizza in Asheboro for supper.  Chloe couldn't have asked for a better birthday party... except of course to ask for two more of them!



We'll Miss You, Daddypa

August 3, 1942- September 1, 2008


An Oldie but Goodie

This happened a while back, but I forgot to post it, and don't want to forget!

One morning, Eli was chasing Chloe around the house, sword pointed, causing her to scream and feign distress.  Around and around and around they went, chasing and screaming, chasing and screaming, when I heard Chloe shriek in a loud voice, "Lord! Lord! Lord, please help me to forgive this pi-rate!"

The Summer Highlight Reel

As promised, our summer in one post or less!


The Highlights: Our annual trip to Buckwheat Farms in Apex to pick strawberries.  Chloe still talks about the "funny goats" and the horses she got to pet and feed strawberries.

Taking an impromptu week-long beach week, just Mommy and the kids.  It happened to be the same week as the annual Forrest family beach week with Grandma Kepley, so we had a blast with Jillian and her whole family.  Chloe got to play with Ava, on the beach.  Chloe + Ava = BFF!

Our first trips to the pool with friends. 

Eating LOTS of "ice cream on a cone."  "Choclit on banilla, please.  That's my fav-rit!"

A short, yet special, get together with Nana and Ed at Ann and Dean's house.

Spending an entire week at Mimi and Grandpa's house.  Chloe couldn't wait for us to leave, and constantly asked, "Are you going to New York City now, Mommy?"  or "Go to New York City! See you next week!"  not stopping until we finally left.  The highlights of her week included going to the beach with Grandpa and riding a boogie board, and going to the pool with Mimi and riding a golf-cart.

The Lowlights- Going to the pool the first couple of times.  Chloe would hold so tightly to my arms while wrapping her entire body around mine, that I thought I would drown.

Having to leave Mimi's house to return to this prison we like to call "Home."  She still complains about not getting to live with Mimi forever.


The Highlights: An Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration in Apex.  Chloe liked the moon bounce, painting, water run, and playing Lucky Ducky the most.  She also particularly enjoyed her patriotic sno cone.  (I don't know why.  It was rank.)

Fireworks! Chloe loved our escapades to view the fireworks in the Wal-Mart parking lot (2 days in a row. Thank you, Mother Nature.), and enjoyed every second of the show.  She reminisced "Remember America's birthday party, Mommy?" for weeks afterward.

The church picnic on the future site of College Park Baptist Church!

Filling her picnic basket with our lunch nearly every day, and going to a park after my workout.  I would let her pick the park most days, and she would describe her desired locale, "how about the park with the climber in the sand?" or "how 'bout merry-go-round park?" or "let's go to park by water-lake!" or "let's go to the park with the bridge today!"

Watching the new ducklings grow from babies to "little girls" to "big girls" all in a month's time.

The Durham Bulls baseball game.  Patrick’s company has season tickets to the Bulls, and we got to go.  We got to watch the game from the 2nd row, just behind 1st base.  The kids had a blast. Chloe liked Wool E. Bull, the cartoons on the big screen, and the music more than the game. She really got into the YMCAing and clapping and rooting and such.  We were certain we would only stay for a short time, and were completely ok with that, but the kids loved it so much we got to stay until the fireworks!  This time we got to watch them close up! Chloe loved them, and was absolutely giddy while watching them.  She squealed with delight, and smiled so big I thought her face would break.

Going to the pool and JUMPING in with Melanie and the other big girls.  Un-be-lievable.  Truly.


The Highlights- Mama and Daddypa's surprise party.  Chloe loves nothing more than a birthday party.

Going to the Science and History Museums with Carrie, her bro, and her boys.  Tons of fun!  Chloe really liked the butterfly room this time.  She was especially thrilled with all of the big blue ones.  (Cause Blue's my favorite colorrrrrr!)

Tootie and Ally and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  Thanks to the constant commercials of the rat and all his promises of fun on PBSkids, Chloe has been begging to go for some time.  Thankfully, it didn't disappoint, and she had an awesome time! It helped (my nerves, especially) that there was only one other little boy there for the entire first hour of our outing.

Playing with Ally.  I was almost sad she doesn't have a big sister.  She just loved having Ally here to play with and talk with for the week.

A Mt. Airy trip complete with Pilot Mountain, Speedy Chef, and Tootie's house.  Chloe LOVED the mountain, and found a perfect rock to bring home and add to her collection.

A day in the old neighborhood.  Lunch at the old pizza place, a drive by the old house, playtime at the old park (which has been completely renovated and is incredible, I might add.  Figures.), and a sprinkled doughnut, hat, and balloon from the old Krispy Kreme.  In Chloe's words, "You're the goodest Mommy of the world, Mommy!  What a fun day! Thank you so much for the fun day, good Mommy! I love you!"

The lowlights- Tantrums, talking back, and intense anxiety when I leave her in the gym or church nursery.  It's tiring, sad, frustrating, and downright bizarre.  She would normally trade me for most anyone at our church in a heartbeat. Hopefully this will soon past.

Daddy Blog: Tricycle Tragedy

I can still see her desperate face screaming in slow motion, "Daddy, noooooooooooo!!"  I had placed Chloe on the porch and Eli by the fence so that I could watch them as I backed the van out of the driveway to make room for shooting hoops.  Unfortunately the trike that was directly behind the van did not receive the same care.  I heard Chlo's scream right about the same time I heard a strange crunch and scraping sound.  I hopped out to survey the damage.  It wasn't pretty.  But Chloe sweetly and gamely tried to ride the trike afterwards.  She could only go in circles and the trike would occasionally tip over.  I think I should probably buy the girl a new trike.

Daddy Blog: If, Then Logic

It always warms a parents' heart when their child learns new social skills.  Like the art of blackmail.  Drawing some kind of connection between the themes of the previous post and the previous post before that, Chlo now announces to me, "Daddy, if you say, 'Wolfpack is stinky,' then you can win!"

Daddy Blog: Divided House Indeed...

More like stacked house.  Chloe announces to me often in a sing-song voice, "Wolfpack is stinky!  Tarheels is good!"  Wonder where she got those ideas...

Daddy Blog: The Race Home

Having to take two cars to church on Sunday evening (Terri has choir practice) has led to a "race" home after service.  Chloe has decided to abandon her Daddy allegiance in favor of girl allegiance and cheers vigorously for Mommy to win.  Chloe holds this position even when she is riding with me.  She has decided not only that Mommy should win, but that Daddy shouldn't win.  "Daddy,"  she says, "Don't win.  You aren't supposed to win."  Another time she counseled me, "The Lord doesn't want you to win."  She has also chided me, "Daddy, Mommy is a very nice Mommy.  Don't win!"  She has even led her brother astray with her rubbish.  In the past Eli would shout through the windshield for Mommy to get out of the way, but now chimes in, "Don't win, Daddy!"

Beyond the Blue

In the car, on the way home from church, on a particularly beautiful Sunday.  The sky was bright blue and full of billowy, fluffy white clouds.  Chloe said to me,

"Mommy, I want you and me to get on an airplane and fly up in the sky.  Then we can fly up into the cloud, and when we get there, we can open the door, and get out, and play with the Care Bears!  That would be fun, wouldn't it, Mommy?  Can we do that, Mommy, can we? Or do I have to wait until I get bigger??"


On Women's Roles

Yesterday, I told Eli he was "awesome at baseball" and Chloe immediately responded with, "I'm awesome at being a cleaner, right Mommy?" Then, before I could answer she darted to her room and returned with an armload of pretend food, then announced "and I'm also an awesome cooker!"


In the car today, Chloe asked who I was talking to on the phone.  "Daddypa," I responded.  "Oh! Is Grandma there, too?" "No, she went to pick up Melissa from school." "Oh, well, is Memaw there?" "Nope, she's at work." "But Mommy! Girls aren't posed to work!"


On (Southern) Marriage

"Mommy, isn't Daddy your cousin, like Melissa is my cousin?"

"Nooo, not cous-in.  Hus-band.  Sheesh."


Opposite Confusion

Chloe loves to listen to listen to this CD over and over again in the car.  She always asks for it ("the yellow one please, Mommy!"), and pretty much refuses to listen to anything else ("but this CD is NOT my favooorrrrite.")  It's gotten to the point where one of my all-time favorite CDs is even starting to get on my nerves, but that's another story.  We were listening to it again yesterday, when she yelled up to the front seat, "Mommy, can you put it on a softer song, please?" So, I turned it down.  "Mommy, I can't hear it!"  I turned it back up.  "But, can you turn it to a softer song, please?" Very confused, I put it on the next song.  "This is not softer."  So, I put it on the next song. "This one is not softer, either!"  So, I put it on the next-next song which just so happened to be her favorite of all (It Is Well With My Soul).  "Thank you, Mommy!  This is very much softer!"  And she began to belt it out.

Then today, the kids were playing games while I ate my lunch and watched the news.  Chloe was playing Cootie, and Eli was playing Old MacDonald.  Old MacDonald is a game of matching baby animals to their mommy, complete with animal sounds and songs.  As they were playing, Eli was getting frustrated because he couldn't figure things out.  So, Every couple of seconds, I had to ask Chloe to please show Eli how to do this or please show Eli where that was (because verbal commands throw him for a loop).  Finally, she looked at me and said, "Mommy, I think Eli should just get a softer game for him."  To which I replied, "It is kinda loud, isn't it?"  She looked at me like I was an idiot, and replied calmly, "No, Mommy, it's not too loud, I just think he needs a softer game to play."  Then the lightbulb went off.  Softer= Easier.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Chloe Style

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Have you any more?

Yes sir, Yes sir

Three blags four

One for my masser, one for the day

And one for the little one who lays in the lane


On Art

One morning at the table, Chloe turns to me and says:

"Mommy I'm not going to scribble scrabble anymore.  I'm going to try to color in the lines.  Eli, do you still scribble scrabble because you're a baby?"

And she stops scribbling.  Just like that. I wonder how long she's been hiding away this whole line staying in ability from me.

On Traffic Safety

Riding (for the first time) in the childseat on the back of Daddy's bike, as he pulls from the sidewalk onto our neighborhood street, Chloe asks with utmost concern, "Daddy do cars runover bicycles or no?"

On Modesty

Strolling around the lake on a warm afternoon, shirtless male runners running toward us, Chloe yells in her loudest, most concerned voice:

"UH OH! He's nakey! He better get some clothes on right now!"

To which he (thankfully) responded with a polite laugh as he passed us by.


A Visit with Nana



On Opposites

Me: Chloe, what's your favorite letter (to make in sign language)?

Chloe: Y! (shows me Y)

Me: Why do you like Y?

Chloe: 'Cause it's not hard.... It's soft!!

And another:

Me (on a particularly grown up day): Chloe, you look so old today.

Chloe (looking a little put-out): I'm not old! I'm new!

On Politics and Religion

Sees Barack Obama on tv, turns to me, and says,

"Mommy, is that God?"


Chalk C



At a Glance

Chloe loves to tell everyone  "I am three and a half now, but Eli is still two."

She prefers tv to the great outdoors.

The girl loves tacos.

She is hooked on phonics, and knows what all of the letters "say."  She can sound out words with little prompting, but isn't reading on her own.

Ice cream makes her happy.

Her imagination is vivid, and she loves to play with her little people and their house.  In her dollhouse world, Grandma spends all of her time reading her Bible in the rocking chair on the porch.  Whenever the family goes somewhere Grandpa drives, and Mommy has to stay home.  At night, Daddy sleeps in the bathtub, Grandpa sleeps in the crib, and Mommy gets a bed. 

She loves to feed the animals at the lake. (geese, ducks, turtles, and fish all like old popcorn)

She is completely over the whole notion of naptime.

She loves to eat, and went from hating peanut butter to loving it.

She wants to live beside Mimi and Grandma.

I've never seen anyone panic the way she does.  Except maybe her MeMaw.

She is amazing with the computer.

She asks me a million times a day "Mommy, what should I do?"  Which is polite Chloe-speak for "I'm bored."

She still loves the water!  (Check out the beach pics on flickr)

She says, "Girls like Tarheels, Boys like Wolfpack." to which Daddy answers, "That's right Chloe!"

She wants to be a boy so that she can wear underwear because panties don't have Thomas on them.

She wants to obey and make Jesus happy and her teachers happy and her Mommy and Daddy happy.

Daddy is still "Dee Dee Daddy Boy."

She ALWAYS notices when anyone gets a haircut.

She likes to use the word always, such as, "I like to eat ice cream always."

She wants to play the violin, the guitar, and the piano.

She wants to be a Mommy just like Mommy when she grows up.

End of an Era

Chloe's favorite color is no longer "blue, light blue and dark blue," but, instead "all different colors."


War Between the States

Yesterday Chloe was doing her United States puzzle when she yelled to me in a high-pitched, slightly patronizing voice,

"Mommy! Look! Little tiny state is crying."

I look in to see her waving the puzzle piece with Vermont and New Hampshire over her hand, repeating "Wah! Wah! Little state's crying. Wah. Wah." over and over again.

I had to ask. "Why is he crying, Chloe?"

"He's sad because I wanted to put big state in first!"

And she triumphantly places Texas right where Texas belongs. Then she laughs like it's the funniest thing in the world.  Admittedly, at that very moment, it was.

I Hope It's a Phase!

Chloe has begun calling me "Momma" instead of "Mommy." This makes me very sad.

Party Time

Saturday was Melissa's 5th Birthday party. I can't believe how fast time flies! The kids had lots of fun playing with bubbles and balls and balloons and eating cake. There are lots more pics of the party and the aquarium on Flickr!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, BLUE! Fish


(The jellyfish were her favorite because "They're blue. That's my favorite color!!")

We went to the NC Aquarium on Friday to spend a little family time together. We were headed to the hometown anyway for P to do a little studying with Dad, so we figured we might as well take a detour along the way. It had been awhile since we were able to do something fun together. We went to the aquarium, had a picnic lunch, and rode the ferry to Southport. The kids had an amazing time. Not one single fight or tear all day long.


The Big News!

No more pacis!

Yep, you heard me right!

No more pacis!

Not at day, not at night!

Wormy's Words

*Patrick is helping Chloe do the monkey bars at the park. She is sitting with her bottom in the crook of his arm, as he carries her from bar to bar.  

Me: Are you the Queen of the Park?

Chloe: No.

Me: Oh, well, are you the Princess? 

Chloe: Nooo. I'm the Wormy of the Park.

**During her nighttime song of "____ Loves Chloe."  During Mimi's verse.

 "Mimi loves Chloe, Mimi loves Chloe, Mimi loves Chloe, Because you're her Dar-lin"

Chloe looks up, says: Mimi lives too far away.  It makes me peepee in my pants..... (gets excited) But I don't peepee in my pants! I only peepee in potty!

***Nighttime prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank you for chicken pie!

Fun Facts

Chloe has officially renamed Patrick "Diddy Daddy Boy" and always refers to him or calls him by this full name.

 She is 60% height and 80% weight. 

She can officially do 65 piece puzzles, which astounds me. (Maybe I'm just being a Mom, but that seems crazy to me... especially since I really don't have the patience for a 65-piecer.)

She has finally seen a couple of episodes of Dora, and likes her.

When asked, "What did you learn at church today?" she actually tells me instead of just saying, "Learned about JESUS!"

She loves to eat nuts.

She loves the childcare at the gym.  This baffles me.

Chocolate milk is her favorite. Especially the kind from fast food restaurants.  For some reason it just tastes better than the home version of Skim Milk mixed with Trader Joe's Organic Midnight Moo.

She will do anything for chocolate.  Except try meatloaf.


Grandpa Calls Me Sweetie


Wormy's Words

In the car, Eli is whining

Chlo: What's wrong, Buddy? Is it your throat? (plants idea in his head)Your throat hurts doesn't it? (nods head knowingly)

Eli: Yeah.

Chloe: I'm sorry Buddy, I'm sorry your throat hurts.  God will make it better, Buddy. God will make your throat not hurt anymore!

Eli: Yeah.

The kids each got a scooter with 3 wheels from someone at church.  Chlo got a Dora one, and Eli a Spiderman one. While scooting all around the house:

"Look at me, Mommy! I can do it! I can scooter! Just put one foot on scooter and one foot on rug. See? Daddy can't ride my scooter because he's too big.  Maybe on Monday.  Maybe Monday he will be little, and then he can ride the scooter."


"When I was a monkey, then I could climb up there, when I was a monkey!"

Tarheel Born and Bred, aka, Indoctrination Starts at Birth

I was subbing in Chloe's class today (all 3yo), and during free time, Chloe and two other kids (I won't use there names since I don't know their parents or if they would mind) were sitting at a table with me playing with floam. When I hear:

Boy: Teacher! Teacher! Look at this!

Me: Oh, cool! Is that a boomerang?

Boy: No, it's a wolf.  (looks at me like I'm stoopit) See here's his eye (points at something nonexistant), and here's his little eye.

Me: Oh, I see! (not really)

(time elapses)

Boy: Teacher! Look, I made another wolf! (points to indention) See his eye, and his other eye.

Me: Cool, Boy! Why do you like to make wolves so much? Do you like the Wolfpack?

Boy: (expression of intense pain fills his face) No! I don't like the Wolfpack! I like the Tarheels.

Me: (turns to Chloe) Did you hear that Chlo? Boy likes the Tarheels!

Chloe: (looks to boy, excitement all over her face) I like the Tarheels, too! I don't like the Wolfpack! Eli likes Wolfpack.

Me: (to boy) Yup. Chloe's brother and Daddy both like Wolfpack, but we like Tarheels.

Boy: (very serious) Good. I like Tarheels.  I wish that other team would just stop playing and go away.

Teacher Mommy

One of Chloe's teachers was out sick today, so her other teacher asked me to sub with her for the morning.  At first I was a little skeptical about how it would work out, but everything was fine, and I actually had a great time doing it.  It was neat to see how Chloe interacts with other kids (very rarely, I found), how she listens, how she learns, and what exactly she does every week while I am in my Bible study.  She loved having me there, too, which made it all the more special.  On the way home I asked her if Mommy was a good teacher today, and she answered, "No, Mrs. Amy is the good teacher, not Mommy.  And Mrs. Susan, too.  But Mrs. Susan is sick today.  Mommy is not a teacher.  Mommy is Mommy." It's fun how she only thinks of me as "Chloe and Eli's Mommy" and nothing else, while all along, I have the privilege of being the biggest and best teacher she will ever have.


Daddy Blog: Positive Reinforcement

I had just returned from my PE exam review class.

Chloe:  "Were you a good boy at school, Daddy?"

Me:  "Yep!  I was a good boy!"

Chloe:  grabs my arm "Thank you, Daddy.  Thank you for being a good boy at school." Gives me a big neck hug


Wormy's Words of Late

After asking me to please make her a bowl of yogurt last night, she sat at the table and waited for me.  I made the bowl, then got distracted by a text message, when I heard a pitter patter and a very smart "Mommy, why aren't you making me my yogurt?"

 On the way out the door to church, Chloe calls to Daddy, "Daddy, will you hold my cellphone while I jump?"

Yesterday morning it was cold enough to see our breath, and the kids were fascinated by it.  When Chloe finally blew a big white cloud she exclaimed, "Look Mommy! I made breath!"

Later that night at the gas station, she excitedly yelled from the backseat, "Look Mommy! CAR BREATH!"

After looking at my snowglobe with a bird inside, "I can't fit in there. I'm too big. But when I'm a bird, then I can fit in there!"

At the table last night, she was singing "I'm a nut, I'm a nut *click click*, I'm a CHOCOLATE nut, I'm a CHOCOLATE nut *click click*"

"One day, when I'm Eli, then I can have a firetruck, too!"

After actually taking a bite of her veggies last night, "Hey- I like carrots! I like carrots! I'm a bunny! Cause I like carrots!"

Me: I love you, little girl!  Chloe: I love you, bigger Mommy!

3 years, 2 months

One of Chlo's favorite things to say these days is "I'm a grown-up girl!" and that pretty much sums up my feelings about her lately.  The saying came about when I took her to the bank to deposit her birthday money awhile back.  It was just she and I, and I remember looking in the rearview mirror and seeing her sitting so straight and tall with a pile of pennies in her lap, and I just had to fight back a rush of tears.  We went in the bank, and she pressed the buttons and fed the machine her mountain of coins all by herself. Then she confidently carried the deposit slip to the teller, and we were on our way.  As we were leaving, I remarked, "Chloe, you're such a grown-up girl! I just can't believe it!" and she has been saying it ever since. 

 Here's a fine example of what a grown-up girl looks like... A couple of days ago Chloe asked to play Candyland by herself during rest time (I was SO glad she didn't invite me to play again... the game is about as exciting as eating cardboard.)  I usually let her pick an activity to do alone in her room, and after an hour I go in and tell her to hop in bed and nap for the second hour.  On Candyland day, I was quite exhausted, Eli was asleep, and I figured Chloe could take care of herself.  So I said, "You can play your game, but when you get sleepy I want you to get in bed and go to sleep, ok?"  I took a delightful nap, and didn't wake up until Eli was yelling for me.  To my surprise, Chloe's room was completely silent.  An hour or so later, her door burst open, she ran out, and said "I went to sleep when I got tired! I did it all by myself! Cause I'm a grown-up girl!"  I praised her and was just about to tell her that we need to go pick up her game before Eli got to it, when I looked in her room, and lo and behold, the game was sitting neatly in the middle of the room, all the pieces in the box, and every single toy was in its place.  That's my grown-up girl!

Let's see, what can I say about Chloe these days? She loves watching tv now, so I have to be diligent in trying to limit it.  She likes to color, cut, and do crafty things.  She's discovered the joys of chewing gum.  She loves trains and cars.  In the last two weeks, more fights have broken out over Eli's new firetruck and trains than over the holy land.  She jumps at every opportunity.  She loves to sing and makes spontaneous songs about everything.  It can be pretty hilarious.  I suppose she got that talent from my grandma who passed it on to me.  We've both been known to bust into song at any given moment.  She is so sweet to compliment people ("I like your sweater Daddy, you look handsome!" or "Pretty coat, Ella!" or "I like your ponytail, Mommy.  It's fun!") and she is always so sincere.  She loves chocolate.  I mean loves it.  Begs for it ALL.THE.TIME.  We are going through holiday detox around here, leaving the girls with some pretty intense withdrawal pains.  She is trying and testing me, pushing limits, saying no, asking why, but I know it's part of the package, and comparatively, it's still not so bad.  I'd say all in all, she's sweet, smart, funny, and pretty dang cute, and I couldn't live without her.