25 months

Today is Chloe's 25th monthday. I can't believe it. I know it's so cliche to state over and over and over again how fast the time has flown, how quickly they grow up, how its seems just like yesterday they were born.. but, well, it's cliche for a reason! Chloe just isn't a baby anymore at all. She is a full-fledged toddler speeding toward little-girlhood.

A FewLikes: Daddy, Chicken Nuggees, (Y)Ogurt, EI in spurts, Blues Clues though not as much, Christmas Trees, Trucks (she always will, big or small she likes them still...), trains, her rainboots (preferably worn with just a diaper and a necklace), lights (on!), her kitchen, her new toy broom (watch out dirt!), being a helper, necklaces, uninhibited toes, cake, looking at pictures, singing (especially Coey's CCC's [abc's] and "TootToot oss we GO"), (L)ollipops, bubble baths, stroller rides, being independent, being outside, kicking balls, running fast, BIG slides, her friends "Ewwa and Sawa", hairbows

Dislikes: Loud noises, most foods, dirt, trash, messy hands, EI in spurts, vegetables minus french fries, nonpoultry meats, being helped, disorder, sleeping in a bed that's not her own, peanut butter, spots on Dolly, waiting, getting her hair washed

Happy 25 months, Little Girl!

Daily Chlocabulary

Face hug- v. to embrace another's cheeks between the thumb and forefingers of both hands, drawing their face closer to your own

Me: "Chloe, give mommy a big hug"
Chloe: "Nooooo. Face hug!" [gives face hug]
Me: "Ow."
Chloe: [giggles and kisses]

Where does she get this stuff??

The Moment

The long awaited moment finally took place this morning.
I was eating my breakfast, Chloe was going on another "trip" to the back of the house. She turned, smiled, waved, and said "Bye-bye Mommy. I love you!" And off she went.

Happy times.


A Levitical Laugh

I ran across this verse tonight in my study of Leviticus and in light of a recent post, I enjoyed a chuckle.
"As for those of you who are left, I will make their hearts so fearful in the lands of their enemies that the sound of a windblown leaf will put them to flight. They will run as though fleeing from the sword, and they will fall, even though no one is pursuing them." Leviticus 26:36


A Little Love

This just warms my heart.

Giving Thanks

I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank all of you who so sweetly took time to thank me for my blog endeavor. It was such an encouragement to hear how much all of you enjoy reading about my precious little children. I am so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive family and friends, and I am so happy that I can share their lives with you all even though we are so far away.


His Little Patootie

Last week Chloe suddenly became an overt Daddy's Girl. We always knew she was one deep down, but now there is no denying. Every evening when Patrick gets home she makes a crazymaddash to the door yelling "DADDDY! DADDY! Daddy's HOOOME!" and immediately wraps her little arms tightly around his legs, leaving him immobile until she gets her way and he picks her up. And up is where she stays the rest of the night. Under no circumstance is Daddy allowed out of her sight, and preferably not out of her touch. Tonight Patrick posed the following brainbender in typical SAT style:

Eli is to Mommy as Chloe is to_____.

She has even started singing along with Daddy's special Chloe song.

"My Wormy, My Wormy/How I love you so/My Wormy, My Wormy/Love you more'n you know/You are my cu-tie/Yes, my little patoo-tie/My Wormy, My Wormy..."

Hearing Chlo enunciate the words has made me a firm believer that Patootie should be every child's first three syllable word.


Scary Stuff

Over the past few months, Chloe has started taking on a spirit of fear. It started somewhat understandably enough, Chloe was deathly afraid of flies, or anything that kindasorta looked like a fly. They are annoying enough, and if you had never seen one before, I could see how it would be a little unsettling to have one buzzing in your ears or divebombing your face.. I'll never forget the first time she reacted to one. It was a Sunday morning. Chloe was in our room puttering around, I was in the kitchen, and Patrick was in the shower shaving when we heard the most heart-wrenching scream to ever make its way out of our child's lips. I jumped a foot and Patrick sliced his neck, then both of us came running. We saw Chloe sitting in the corner trembling, weeping, and pointing. Pointing to a fly. You can only imagine the mixture of emotions we felt when we saw the object of her terror. Since then, we have had to strategically place a throw rug on our bathroom floor to cover up a black mark in the linoleum that Chloe is convinced is a bloodsucking fly. Even now as she seems to be on friendly terms with flies, even professing her love for them, she still won't even come in the door if the mark is peeking out from under the rug.

Various other creatures and objects have become sources of great anxiety over the past few months. We had a few weeks where the vacuum cleaner could only enter the room after I built a fort around her on the couch to keep her safe. Then there was the candle era. She refused to even enter a room if a candle was burning, even if it was 5 feet off of the ground. Then, the sound of buses or big trucks. Or trains. Then specks of dust or dirt. All were things she has been around since birth, things that she sings songs about, many of them things she likes, making this all even harder to understand. Yet however bizarre all of those phases were, the present one takes the cake.

It started yesterday when we needed to leave for errands. Normally I open the door and Chloe rushes out and stands by her cardoor while I fumble along with Eli and the twenty bags full of necessities for our half hour outing. We were walking out when Chloe jumped and stopped dead in her tracks. Thinking she forgot her beloved Dolly, I sidestepped her, told her to go get Dolly, and went ahead to the car. I got Eli all strapped in, unloaded my bags, and turned to go get Chloe and shut the door. To my surprise, she was still standing there, frozen, with tears rolling down her cheeks. I called to her, she refused to come. I picked her up and put her in the car, not giving it a second thought. Fast Forward. We came home, got unloaded, and I sent her to the house. She stopped on the yard side of the doormat, trembling, crying, pointing. I couldn't figure out what was going on. The only thing out of the ordinary anywhere near the doormat was a leaf that had blown into the corner. I picked it up and threw it into the yard. She still wouldn't move so I carried her in. Fast Forward to this morning. Time to leave for errands again. Same thing. Stop at door, cry, yell, point. No amount of coaxing would get her out the door. I pick her up and carry her to the car. Fast Forward more. We come home laden with bags of groceries and boxes of diapers. I put Chloe down next to the car, on the concrete parking pad. I get Eli out and head toward the house, turn to call for Chloe, and can't believe what I see. Chloe is still standing right where I left her. Bawling, crying, and once again, pointing.
Me:"Chloe what's wrong?"
Her: (sniffle, snub, wail, point)
Me:"Chloe it's ok. Tell mommy, what's wrong?"
Me: "What did you say sweetie?"
Her:"Leef. Leef"
Me:"Leaf? Seriously?? Leaf??" (pick up leaf)
Her: "BWAAAAAAAAAH" (plasters self against car, screams)
Me: "It's a leaf. You like leaves."
This time, refusing to give in to the insanity, I walk on toward the house, coaxing her to follow. Several agonizing minutes pass, when she finally takes a step, keeping a wary eye on the grass. She slowly walks toward the house, never leaving the center of the concrete. Never erring to the right or left, straight and narrow all the way. Then she notices a leaf dangerously close to the sidewalk, ready to pounce out and maim her. Terrified, she breaks into a run, finally ending the painfully slow trail of tears. Just outside the door she demands to be picked up and carried in, still not brave enough to walk near the leaf's essence that remains in the corner.
Eventually we make it inside without casualty. I close the door. Instantly she runs to it, plants her face against the glass, and yells "Hey leaf! See ya later!" Sigh.


New Profile Pic Chloe's 2 year portrait. It is also doing weird things on the screen.. I don't know why.. her face isn't really that scrunched up.


This Just In..

I feel like I've entered the Twilight Zone. Today for lunch Chloe ate all the kidney beans out of my vegetable soup. The only thing not a vegetable in my vegetable soup, true, but still amazing. I will keep you updated on further dietary developments.


Going Green

As I write this, I am still too shocked and amazed to do anything more than relay the big news. Nothing clever, nothing witty, just the facts. Here goes. A few minutes ago as I was finishing up my salad, Wormy climbed up into my lap, and started eyeing my food. I ignored her, waiting and watching to see what she would do. Ok, take a deep breath. You'll never believe this... CHLOE ATE LETTUCE. Several pieces of it! FYI: Lettuce is a VEGETABLE ... but please, please let's keep this little fact between you and me. Chloe never needs to know.


Another Look

Here are some pictures my mom sent to me :o)
Chloe and Daddy at the zoo
Melissa and Chloe working on their new puzzles

Artsy Party