Daddy's Blog: Color Commentary

A sampling from Chlo's commentary from the UVA-Carolina game today.

"I watch football!  I watch football with Daddy!" 

"Football he has football....he throwed it!"

"He runnin!  He runnin!"

"Uh-oh!  He didn't mean to."

"He caught football.  Good catch!"

"He fall down."

"He fall down again."

QB scrambles and throws the ball away:

"He did it!"

Noticing the Carolina logo:

"Go Heels, go!"

Noticing the State logo during the advertisement for next week's coverage:

"Go Wolfpack!"


A Closer Look

With a typical two year old smile.

Cubbie Girl

Here she is. Our official AWANA Cubbie.


Awana Update

Last week Chloe said all three of her AWANA verses, the combination of which summed up the gospel and our need for a Savior.  I am so proud of her, and so thankful for her strong, natural inclination toward things of the Lord.

Last week's verses:

"God loved us and sent His son." 1 John 4:10

"All have sinned." Romans 3:23

"While we were sinners, Jesus died for us." Romans 5:8

And the Cubbie motto: Jesus loves me!

This week's verse is "God is love." 1 John 4:8.  We've made a little song out of it, and she sings it over and over throughout the day.

Sing Them Over Again to Me, Wonderful Words of Life

For the past several months the favorite CD of the Covil household has been Chris Rice's Peace Like a River: The Hymns Sessions.  It's a collection of old favorites including It is Well With My Soul, A Mighty Fortress, Come Thou Fount, and several others.  The first time I heard Chloe belting out "It is well, it is well with my soullllllllllllll" tears flooded my eyes.  It's the most precious sound I have ever heard.  Her favorite track on the CD is an old spiritual, O Freedom.  She loves to sing as she plays, and you can often hear the words "to go home to my Lord and be free" coming from her bedroom as she works puzzles or plays with her dolls.  Faith like a child, indeed.

Whose Radio?

Our most listened to radio station in the van is 91.1, His Radio.  The station's jingle was actually one of the first things Chloe ever sang along with.  (That and the Stanley Steemer commercial on television.)  The jingle is pretty typical, going something like "His, His, Hi-i-i-is, His Ra-di-o"  Now everytime the jingle comes on, Chloe sings along and then immediately responds with "No, it's Co-ey's radio.  It's not his radio.  It's not Eli's radio.  It's Co-ey's.  Eli not have a radio.  Just Chloe has a radio." Just the message they were trying to send!

Hold Fast, Help Is On the Way

We were in the van when a police car went by with lights flashing. 

"It's police car! He's going to help someone.  Go help someone, police car!  Go help Mimi, police car.  He gotta go help Mimi cause her back hurts."


Two Year Old Theology

While strolling with Daddy and Eli to the playground in Oakwood.  Chloe notices a tree stump.

"Uh Oh! The tree broke! ...... God didn't mean to."



And Her Bed


We finally got a mattress made out of 6-inch foam, so no more pallet for the princess. We also got pretty bedding, and the giant pillow sham from Pottery Barn Kids for $10 (originally $40). It’s so fun to have my little girl sleeping on the same bed I slept on at her age. As pretty as it is, it’s a huge pain to make everyday, but all in all, it’s just right!