Daddy Blog: Mommy in the Mountains

Mommy has been at the mountains today (ladies conference at the Wilds) so it's just been Daddy and the kids. Everyone has survived the day with nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises. Here are a couple of quotes:
Chlo (after a few bites of her PB sandwich): Daddy, is there crunchy peanut butter on here?
Me: Oh sorry, Chlo. I forgot you like crunchy.
Chlo: Mommy doesn't forget. She doesn't forget because she's a mommy.

(After giving me a tight hug at bedtime)
Chlo: I gave you a big, big hug, Daddy. It was a special present for you because we had such a fun day!


Wormy's Words

Here are a few of my favorite quotes of late:

Chloe: Mommy, I am going to be very good at the park today. I am not going to cry or complain even one time! It will be a special treat just for you!
(At the park both kids were wonderful. Forgetting about the pre-park promise of politeness, I praised the kids thoroughly when we got back in the car.)
Me: You guys were awesome at the park! That makes Mommy so proud! Thank you very much!
Chloe: I told you you would get a special treat today!

In order to encourage Chloe to not cry when I drop her off at the gym or school, I bought an after Christmas clearance My Little Pony advent calender with surprises behind 24 doors. As we were drawing to the end of the calender:
Me: Chloe, it looks like we are almost done with the calendar. I think that means you have learned that you don't need to cry when Mommy drops you off. What do you think this means you should do when we run out of doors?
Chloe: Um, Mommy, I think it means you better buy another calendar or I might just have to cry again.
Me: (sigh.)

Chloe: I love everybody in the whole family! I love Mommy. I love Daddy. I love Eli. But I love Dolly best of all.
Daddy: (feigns sadness and disbelief)
Chloe: Oh, don't worry, Daddy! I love you! I love everybody in the whole family very much! I just love Dolly more!
Me: (the next day) Oh, goody gumdrops!
Chloe: Goody gumdrops! That's what Grandpa says! I looooove Grandpa. He's SO silly!
Me: (I couldn't resist) You love Grandpa? Well, who do you love more? Grandpa or Dolly?
Chloe: (pauses and thinks, then holds up two fingers)
Me: Two?
Chloe: (nods head) Both. I love Dolly and Grandpa both the most of all.

Chloe looked out the backdoor to see the workers working in our yard.
Chloe: Mommy, I think we should put some water and snack on the porch for them. That looks like very thirsty work!
(she just warms my heart.)




Though initially thrilled, even the kids are ready for the snowy days to be behind us.  After only thirty minutes outside they begged to come in, retiring to the living room where a morning of Sleeping Beauty, Toy Story 2, and bowls of popcorn were waiting.

The Birthday Season

The birthday season has come and gone leaving us all a year older and wiser and a little plumper.  It seems to arrive every year only a day after the holiday pounds have been lost!

This year on top of the various parties we had a great time at Dunes Village where Chloe braved the waters and even went a couple of times on the water slide.  The first night we booked, Patrick and I stayed alone, and the kids headed back to Mimi's (and Grandpa's, I should mention) house after water play, pizza, and cake.  The second night they got to stay in the room, too!  They loved it.  They actually slept together on the couch bed after a latenight viewing of Cars. The next morning they got to pick out a muffin and juice at the onsite coffee shop, watch several shows that only come on cable, and then we headed to my old place of employment Build-a-Bear where Chloe made a blue (of course!) bear decked out in Hello Kitty jammies and Hello Kitty slippers.  She appropriately named it Hello Bear.   Afterwards we went to River City for burgers and fries, and headed back home.  Chloe had an absolutely wonderful time!

Check out the family cake Mom had made for the party.  I love how Chloe's name is on a fallen leaf since she is the only outlier with a fall birthday!


The Winter Highlight Reel

Winter is making it's final plea to stick around today, while all of us in the C household are longing for the warm breezes of spring.  Opportunities to take an evening walk around the lake and to visit a different park every day for a picnic lunch are just around the corner.  We simply cannot wait. 

Here are some of our favorite memories from winter:


Disney on Ice!  Grandma came up and treated us all to a very exciting night of family fun.  Despite Chloe's high fever and oncoming case of croup, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She still talks about all of our fun adventures that night!  We started the evening at Michaelangelo's, our local Friday night pizza place (serving a large 2 topping pizza for only $7.99 after 4pm and fountain drinks for $1!) and had our usual pizza and drinks.  The kids received special cups to kick off the night.  Then we headed to the pre-show where we got to meet Cinderella, admire all of the princess's gowns, and gaze into Mirror Mirror on the Wall.  The show was simply amazing.  The talent that it takes to skate and dance around while wearing large, ridiculous costumes astounds me.  The scenery was wonderful, too.  We saw Mickey and all of his friends, the cast from Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and a grand finale with Tinkerbell.  After the show ended we finished off the night with a run to Krispy Kreme for some fresh hots, since we happened to be "in the neighborhood."


The girls and I with Cinderella.  Melissa screamed "I love you!" to her and received a very sweet "I love you, too!" and a blown kiss.


Tinkerbell. So cool.


This is the doll I made for Chloe for Christmas.  She named it Chloe and loved it to literal pieces.  I am now trying to learn to mend.  I didn't think the girls I made them for would love them so much! I envisioned shelf-sitting dolls!

 We tried to start new traditions of homemade gifts, baking parties, gingerbread houses, and advent.  For the first time, I think we can truly say we savored the season and worshipped Christ while looking forward to the celebration of His birth throughout the entire month. The kids also received fleece blankets made by Patrick and I during the evenings when they were asleep, and bikes from Craigslist.  They were absolutely thrilled with all of it.


Chloe and Dolly on Christmas morning

During our holiday travels, the kids got pretty much everything they wanted from all of the various grandparents.  Chloe began her My Little Pony collection thanks to generous gifts from Nana, and believe me, it has flourished!  The girl is nuts for Ponies!  She also received a laptop and a tiny vacuum cleaner that are played with daily.

This season we received three ocassions of snow much to Chloe's delight.  Every morning that she woke to find it outside of our front windows Chloe would exclaim, "He was right!  Mommy! The weather man was right!!"  She had much fun catching snowflakes on her tongue, eating snow cream, throwing snowballs at the boys, and making numerous snow angels.