Daddy Blog: Sweet Lunch Maker

Wormy was sweet enough to help me make my lunch this morning before work.  She threw away trash for me and helped with the agonizing lunch decisions.  Chlo was worried about my first choice: "I don't like sandwiches."  But then she brightened, "But Mommy likes sandwiches."  Next I opened the pantry and wondered aloud, "Let's see, what else...?"  Chloe helpfully offered, "Chocolate chips, Daddy?"  I decided instead on potato chips which seemed to please Chlo.  She then instructed me, "Just eat all of them," nodding her head with her ultra-serious look.  Next was the fruit.  She again applauded my selection as I plopped two oranges into my bag.

Pretty soon I'll be able to hand her my lunch bag and she'll make it for me.  The extra benefit of that arrangement would be lunches heavy on chocolate chips.


Merry Christmas!


Christmas Morning, 1 of 2


After homemade chocolate chip waffles and an interactive telling of the Christmas story, the kids tore into their three presents. Chloe got a chalkboard book, a hooded Dora towel, and a new set of lamps for her dollhouse (Eli wrecked all of the original ones.)  I almost wish we hadn't bought more stuff to open on the real Christmas morning at Mimi's house. They were more than happy with what they got today.

In their stockings they got candy canes, M&Ms, Pez, and a set of window markers. They had a blast decorating our sliding glass doors from top to bottom. I thought this was a pretty cool shot of the whole thing. Would have been cooler, but Eli wouldn't dare let his M&Ms loose, lest someone hijack them. We had a fabulous morning, went out for a lunch of eastern BBQ, and now not a creature is stirring, except me anyways. Peace at last.


When I Get Bigger..

Chloe loves to talk about getting bigger.  Here are just a few things I've heard today. 

"...I will be as tall as the house." "How will you get in the door?" "I'll just bend my head down."

 "...I'll wear bigger panties."

"...I'll help you cook. I'll cook the french fries and nuggees, ok?"

"...I'll get very up tall on top of the house.  That will be funny!" (daddy recently cleaned the gutters)

(and ironically, as I was typing this and wearing my green shirt, Chloe comes in and says,) "...I'll get a green shirt.  When I'm very up tall.  Remember? That's when I'll get a green shirt."

A Week is Like Unto a Thousand Days

Chloe has started to adopt a lot of time-centered vocabulary, and frequently talks of things that happened last week, yesterday, and tomorrow.  Today Chloe has told me that

"remember last week when Eli left his elephant at Wal-Mart? Remember, Mommy? He didn't mean to." and

"remember last week when we went to Aunt Jillian's house and I threw up in the car? Remember that Mommy? It was when we lived in old house.  Remember?" and

"Remember last week when I was borned and you were in the hospital, Mommy? And I was borned from your belly?"  and

"Remember last week we went on a real train, with Ella? And when I was a baby I was scared of real trains, but now I'm a grown-up girl so I'm not scared anymore! Remember?"

What a week!

Daddy Blog: Not Ready for TYDTW Day

Daddy: "Are you going to work with Daddy?"

Chlo:  "No.  I might be boring."


Winter Hugs

I finally got the kids some winter gear this morning.  I'm glad it was cold enough to force me to go today.  It took several stores to find anything at all, and when I finally found some at Old Navy, they were already on the clearance rack!  The good part is, I got them for half price.

Christmas Time!

I can't believe Christmas is only a week away!  We are having our little family Christmas morning on Saturday, and we are very excited!


Christmas Remix, Part II

Chloe will be an angel in our church's Christmas pageant on the 23rd.  She seems to be really looking forward to it.  We have been practicing the song "Away in a Manger" in order to get ready for the big day, and  as her confidence of the words has increased, she has really begun to belt it out.  I noticed for the first time yesterday that she was singing "The little Lord Jesus asleep on the bed." so I said to her

M: Chloe, Jesus was asleep on the hay.

C: What's that?

M: Well, hay is kinda like grass.

C: Sleep on grass! That's silly.

M: No, his mommy and daddy didn't have a lot of money so when Jesus was born, he had to sleep on the hay with the animals.

C: No.  Jesus not sleep in the grass, Jesus sleep in a bed. (gets excited) Mommy, Jesus can buy a bed!  Jesus not need to sleep on the grass!


Christmas Remix

Chloe is really, really into Christmas this year.  The songs, the lights, the advent calendar, the gift buying and wrapping.  She just loves it all.  She has especially had fun with the Christmas tree.  I let her help decorate this year, and had a beautiful 6inch area of tree completely covered by blue bulbs (her favorite color.)  Until I rearranged a bit, that is.  Every day at some point she stands in front of the tree, admiring its lights and ornaments and the presents underneath.  And nearly everyday she busts into song, singing in her own Chloe fashion, "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, your leaves they are so tasty." I'm just waiting for her to give ours a try.

And, I do realize how incredibly un-Christmas her carol of choice is.  I mean can you get any more pagan than actually proclaiming your love and adoration for a dead tree?  It reminds me of our pastor once defending our putting up of trees (a tradition with well-known pagan roots) by saying something like "We're not worshipping it or dancing around it or anything like that." Hmm... maybe not at your house, but, well, anyone care to Rock Around the Christmas Tree with us?


I'm D-O-N-E with all of my Christmas shopping! Well, almost done. There's a one certain Mimi who doesn't exactly have a present yet... but, more or less, I'm doing the happy happy done with the shopping and crowds dance!