A Look Into My Crystal Ball




How Our Garden Grows

Chloe showing off the fruits of her labor

Chloe showing off the fruits of her labor


Easy, DZ

Today, I overheard Chloe say:

"I want a Frat Boy!"


Mary Mary Quite Contrary

We planted our very first ever "garden" this year, consisting of two tomato plants, two squash plants, a watermelon plant, and some pretty flowers.  We only have a small strip of mulch in the backyard where we are allowed to plant, but everything has thrived, and it has been a lot of fun.  Chloe's job is to water the plants every evening, and she absolutely loves it. At times I have tried to water the plants on my own, only to be rebuked by a panicked Wormy running and yelling, "No Mommy! Mommy not do it! That's Co-ey's job, that's not Mommy's job!"  Occasionally, when I am feeling especially patient, I even let her pull off the dead flowers to keep everything looking vibrant.  She really loves those times.  So far we have harvested and consumed six squash.  They were so yummy.  We have a half dozen green tomatoes, a watermelon, and a few more squash still on the vine.  I can't wait until the watermelon is ready.  There is something incredibly satisfying about eating the fruits of your labor.  It just tastes better.

Daddy Blog: Wormy's Words

After a storm had passed and I was taking Chlo back to bed

"Bye rainin'!  Bye thunder!  Bye lightnin'!  Thanks for coming!"

More Words from Wormy

Mommy is getting dressed.

Chloe: You look so pretty, Mommy.

Mommy smiles at Chloe, says nothing.

Chloe: Say thank you, Mommy.

Mommy: Thank you, Chloe!

Chloe: You're very welcome.

Not a Trace of Doubt in My Mind

I really hate to admit it, but it's true.  I know I should have no other gods, I know there are no other true religions, I know that God is sovereign and omnipresent.  He controls all things.  He knows the plot from beginning to end before the play is even written.  I know this.  Still, I just can't shake it.  I believe in the jinx.  Like God, it never fails me.  The words "Look how good the kids are being, Honey" are always immediately followed with screaming and blood.  "I can't believe they went to sleep so easily" answered with piercing yells from the back corner of the house.  "He hasn't been sick in so long!" ended with snot and crankiness by evening.  My Husband likes to tease me about my belief, uttering aloud my innermost thoughts at the most inopportune (ie quietest and most peaceful) times.  Yet, after Tuesday night, I think even he is beginning to go the way of Solomon.  After a round of intense storms left the kids unawakened, he remarked about how great it is that our little girl, though scared unto panic by leaves and feathers, sleeps through the worst blusters.  Enter storm 2.  The result? Two toddlers, scared and wide awake until two in the morning, and one Daddy wondering how this can be.  The jinx, that's how.

The Land of Make Believe

It's been fun to see Chloe really begin to embrace pretend play of late.  A few days ago, she jumped up onto the ottoman and exclamed, "Get on the boat, Mommy!  Hurry! You're getting wet!"  Then yesterday she was using a shoestring to unscrew the battery compartment of one of Eli's toys saying "gotta fix the batteries, Mommy!"


Daddy Blog: The Secret of the Favorite Colors

Remember this?  We had assumed that Chlo had randomly assigned our favorite colors without any order or logic involved.  We should have known better.  Chloe, Eli and I were polishing off our homemade cinnamon rolls on the front porch when Wormy pointed to her rocker and said, "Co-ee's favorite color is pink!"  Next she pointed to Eli's rocker (which happened to be blue) and said, "Eli's favorite color is blue!"  Then she pointed to the adult-sized rocker and announced, "Mommy's favorite color is white!"  And lastly she pointed to me and the (red) swing I was sitting in and yelled, "Daddy's favorite color is red!"

makes sense now


Little Pink Houses

Our Independence Day was lots of fun this year.  We spent the holiday plus a couple of more days in Shallotte, doing the whole tourist thing with t-shirts to prove it.  On the Fourth we had a massive cook-out topped off with the neighbors' really cool, illegal fireworks.  We did the tour of beaches (Ocean Isle, Holden, Mimi's yard), and the kids had different kinds of fun at all of them.  Our nights were stinkrotten, which made our days a little less wonderful, but there was still plenty of fun to go around.47b7d927b3127cce86efc4dfc81d00000036108ezmmzhwxco.jpg




A New Home

I decided to move over here after seeing how nice all of my friends' sites are.  I hope it's not too much of a hassle for all (two) of you to switch up your bookmarks.  This site is more user-friendly, more stream-lined and classy.  Plus, everybody's doing it, and the peer pressure's getting to me.