On (Southern) Marriage

"Mommy, isn't Daddy your cousin, like Melissa is my cousin?"

"Nooo, not cous-in.  Hus-band.  Sheesh."


Opposite Confusion

Chloe loves to listen to listen to this CD over and over again in the car.  She always asks for it ("the yellow one please, Mommy!"), and pretty much refuses to listen to anything else ("but this CD is NOT my favooorrrrite.")  It's gotten to the point where one of my all-time favorite CDs is even starting to get on my nerves, but that's another story.  We were listening to it again yesterday, when she yelled up to the front seat, "Mommy, can you put it on a softer song, please?" So, I turned it down.  "Mommy, I can't hear it!"  I turned it back up.  "But, can you turn it to a softer song, please?" Very confused, I put it on the next song.  "This is not softer."  So, I put it on the next song. "This one is not softer, either!"  So, I put it on the next-next song which just so happened to be her favorite of all (It Is Well With My Soul).  "Thank you, Mommy!  This is very much softer!"  And she began to belt it out.

Then today, the kids were playing games while I ate my lunch and watched the news.  Chloe was playing Cootie, and Eli was playing Old MacDonald.  Old MacDonald is a game of matching baby animals to their mommy, complete with animal sounds and songs.  As they were playing, Eli was getting frustrated because he couldn't figure things out.  So, Every couple of seconds, I had to ask Chloe to please show Eli how to do this or please show Eli where that was (because verbal commands throw him for a loop).  Finally, she looked at me and said, "Mommy, I think Eli should just get a softer game for him."  To which I replied, "It is kinda loud, isn't it?"  She looked at me like I was an idiot, and replied calmly, "No, Mommy, it's not too loud, I just think he needs a softer game to play."  Then the lightbulb went off.  Softer= Easier.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Chloe Style

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Have you any more?

Yes sir, Yes sir

Three blags four

One for my masser, one for the day

And one for the little one who lays in the lane