Lions, Tigers, and Midmorning Snacks

Chloe loves eating teddy grahams. She was eating some today, and absolutely cracked me up. I looked over at her as she picked one up, looked the little guy straight in the eyes, and said, "Hi Bear!" Then put it in her mouth, chewed, swallowed, and announced with a smile, "ByeBye Bear!"


Little Jack Frost Get Lost

This morning we were headed out to Target to get some essentials. The sun was out, the sky was bright, the air was brisk. It was really a beautiful day. As Chloe walks toward the car she looks around and yells "Bye Snow! Bye Snow! Byyyye Snooooow!" (Let me remind you all we have only had about a half inch of snow this entire winter... and that was two weeks ago!...Kid brains are such mysteries.)

I'm No Big Kid Now

Me: Let's put on big girl panties today so you can peepee in the potty!"
Chlo: Peepee Potty!
Me: Yeah! Do you wanna be a big girl?
Chlo: Big Girl Ella! Big Girl Sarah! Big Girl Lissa!
Me: That's right! Where do big girls peepee?
Chlo: Big girls peepee potty.
Me: That's right! Are you a big girl???
Chlo: Noooo, Big Girl Ella, Big Girl Lissa, Baby Chloe.
Me: Oh. Don't you want to be a big girl?
Chlo: Noooo. Chloe baby!


27 months

Chloe is once again really into her ABCs and finding Blue's Clues. She chatters endlessly here at home, with me only understanding 25% of it, and clams up as tight as a.. well,.. clam when we are in public. She is trying to become more and more independent, wanting to do every single thing on her own. This can be incredibly frustrating as it took her nearly an hour to get her own shirt on this morning. She is also asserting her independence by refusing the potty, knowing that it's what I want her to do. She has taken to the word "no" and is mastering the art of the temper tantrum, lying down kicking and screaming in Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, the parking lot, and at home within the past week. Absolutely mortifying. My sweet little girl has become slightly demon-possessed in the past month. Here's to turning from the darkside and embracing the light in month 28.


I'd Like to Buy a "P" Please

She's amazing. Absolutely amazing. I would pay money to have the bladder control of my daughter. We started the day with Chloe in big girl panties and me in high hopes. But as the day wore on, my dreams were dashed as she continued to refuse the potty. I even tried to trade her my cookie for her peepee. No go. Literally. She remained completely dry from 730-230 when I finally caved and put a diaper on for naptime. That girl has an iron will.... and a really big bladder.


Becoming a Kid

Chloe put her shoes on all by herself this morning :)


Chloe is confused about the definition of the word "what."

Chloe: It hurts
Me: What hurts?
Chloe: What hurts.
Me: Show mommy what hurts...
Chloe: Its broke.
Me: What's broke?
Chloe: Whats Broke.
Me: Show mommy what's broken..

Somehow Chloe took away that "it" and "what" mean the same thing. So now when something's broken, she points and says "Look, what's broke!"


Preschool Praises

Our Wednesday morning Bible Study at CBC has started back up. Chloe got to move up to the two-year-old class, and is right at home. It is so neat to see her in her element. The class before was a nursery where the kids got to run around and play the whole time, fun, but not Chlo's thing. Now she is actually in a preschool classroom with other Colonial preschoolers. She gets to do crafts and lessons and stories, and she just loves it. The teachers have high praise for her attention span and her obedience week after week. She is such a teacher's pet in the making.

First Snow

It was so exciting to wake up Thursday morning to a yard covered with shiny, white snow. At 5 when I was throwing up yet again, the meteorologists assured me once more that we would only be getting some nice sleet and freezing rain, so when I looked out an hour later to see a glimmery grass, I couldn't believe it! I could barely wait to get Chloe out of bed and dressed so she could go out and meet Mr. Snow before he went away. As soon as she saw it out the back door, she could barely hold in her excitement. "Snow on slide! Snow on car! Snow on my trike! Sno-ow! Sno-ow! Sno-ow!" This was the day we had been waiting for, I mean, this was the stuff only seen in books! This was Chloe's very first snow, ever. She ate her waffles in record time, and I suited her up the best I could. She went outside with Daddy while Eli and I watched at the door. She got outside, looked around, and Surprise!... she was terrified of it. Refused to touch it, refused to play in it, refused to do anything more than look around repeating its name over and over again. After a few minutes of Daddy's prodding, he gave up and they came back inside. As soon as the door closed, Chloe turned, pressed her face to the glass and said, "Bye-bye Snow, See ya later!" Sigh. Maybe next time.

Sweet Spirit

The recent lack of posts has been a direct result of a yucky stomach virus that hit our family hard this week. The kids and Patrick got it first, and I haughtily thought I had escaped, when it knocked me flat. I was lying in bed (all day) yesterday when Chloe wanted to come in and visit. We told her that Mommy's tummy hurt so she had to sit very still on the bed. Her normal routine includes bouncing on the bed and landing on top of me, so I was a little nervous to have her up there. She climbed up and sat down beside me. She talked and laughed for a while, then she leaned over, pulled my "beenky" up to my chin, kissed my lips, and said "Be careful, mommy's tummy hurts." What a sweet, sweet spirit.


Uncabee's Girl, Part II

Chloe has added a new line to her morning monologue. Each morning, she runs out of her room, full speed, zooming toward the kitchen: "Hi Mommy! Hi EI! Daddy Work! UncleB Work! Done!(hands me her paci) Chloe cup and waffles! Mommy cook waffles."

She talks about her UncleB all day. She reads books in her own secret language, and throws in an UncleB to most every story she tells. When she sees the letter J, she proudly exclaims "J!Uncabee!" Every time the doorbell rings or someone knocks or the wind blows the wreath she yells "Uncabeeee!" and dashes door-ward. On Mondays and Wednesdays before John comes to sit while Patrick and I run, I practice with Chloe, helping her to recount her day so that she can share it with UncleB when he gets here. Yet, inevitably, once he steps through the door, all she can do is smile her sweet smile and say "UncleB, UncleB, UncleB" over and over again. It seems love even turns toddler brains to mush.

Little Miss Priss

When I woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap, I looked a little like Arch Hall, Jr. When I walked into the living room, Chloe took one look at me and said "UH OH Mommy Hair!"


The Beholder

Chloe got a wooden version of the age-old paperdoll for Christmas, complete with magnetic dresses, shoes, hats, and magic wands. Yesterday Chloe was playing with it when she brought me the doll, wearing nothing but its slip and a strand of pearls, and said "This mommy. Mommy pretty."


A Look at Christmas


26 months

Chloe is becoming more and more vocal as she grows up. She loves to repeat everything we say right back to us. It can be pretty comical sometimes (ie "Come here sweet baby!"). She especially loves to chase and tickle while yelling "I got you!" in her little girly voice. She is very independent and refuses to be helped in most situations. She doesn't want to do things if she thinks it's something I want to do. The potty is still more for feng shui than anything else. If I ask her if she wants to wear big girl panties or use the big girl potty she immediately recoils and refuses. However, if we don't mention it, sometimes she will just go use it all on her own. I guess she will just give up the diapers when she is good and ready. I don't think there is much more I can do right now. She is a sweet big sister who is really trying to learn how to play with Eli, taking him off of my hands more and more. She loves to sing and read and play with cars and trains.