Daddy Blog: Sweet Lunch Maker

Wormy was sweet enough to help me make my lunch this morning before work.  She threw away trash for me and helped with the agonizing lunch decisions.  Chlo was worried about my first choice: "I don't like sandwiches."  But then she brightened, "But Mommy likes sandwiches."  Next I opened the pantry and wondered aloud, "Let's see, what else...?"  Chloe helpfully offered, "Chocolate chips, Daddy?"  I decided instead on potato chips which seemed to please Chlo.  She then instructed me, "Just eat all of them," nodding her head with her ultra-serious look.  Next was the fruit.  She again applauded my selection as I plopped two oranges into my bag.

Pretty soon I'll be able to hand her my lunch bag and she'll make it for me.  The extra benefit of that arrangement would be lunches heavy on chocolate chips.


Merry Christmas!


Christmas Morning, 1 of 2


After homemade chocolate chip waffles and an interactive telling of the Christmas story, the kids tore into their three presents. Chloe got a chalkboard book, a hooded Dora towel, and a new set of lamps for her dollhouse (Eli wrecked all of the original ones.)  I almost wish we hadn't bought more stuff to open on the real Christmas morning at Mimi's house. They were more than happy with what they got today.

In their stockings they got candy canes, M&Ms, Pez, and a set of window markers. They had a blast decorating our sliding glass doors from top to bottom. I thought this was a pretty cool shot of the whole thing. Would have been cooler, but Eli wouldn't dare let his M&Ms loose, lest someone hijack them. We had a fabulous morning, went out for a lunch of eastern BBQ, and now not a creature is stirring, except me anyways. Peace at last.


When I Get Bigger..

Chloe loves to talk about getting bigger.  Here are just a few things I've heard today. 

"...I will be as tall as the house." "How will you get in the door?" "I'll just bend my head down."

 "...I'll wear bigger panties."

"...I'll help you cook. I'll cook the french fries and nuggees, ok?"

"...I'll get very up tall on top of the house.  That will be funny!" (daddy recently cleaned the gutters)

(and ironically, as I was typing this and wearing my green shirt, Chloe comes in and says,) "...I'll get a green shirt.  When I'm very up tall.  Remember? That's when I'll get a green shirt."

A Week is Like Unto a Thousand Days

Chloe has started to adopt a lot of time-centered vocabulary, and frequently talks of things that happened last week, yesterday, and tomorrow.  Today Chloe has told me that

"remember last week when Eli left his elephant at Wal-Mart? Remember, Mommy? He didn't mean to." and

"remember last week when we went to Aunt Jillian's house and I threw up in the car? Remember that Mommy? It was when we lived in old house.  Remember?" and

"Remember last week when I was borned and you were in the hospital, Mommy? And I was borned from your belly?"  and

"Remember last week we went on a real train, with Ella? And when I was a baby I was scared of real trains, but now I'm a grown-up girl so I'm not scared anymore! Remember?"

What a week!

Daddy Blog: Not Ready for TYDTW Day

Daddy: "Are you going to work with Daddy?"

Chlo:  "No.  I might be boring."


Winter Hugs

I finally got the kids some winter gear this morning.  I'm glad it was cold enough to force me to go today.  It took several stores to find anything at all, and when I finally found some at Old Navy, they were already on the clearance rack!  The good part is, I got them for half price.

Christmas Time!

I can't believe Christmas is only a week away!  We are having our little family Christmas morning on Saturday, and we are very excited!


Christmas Remix, Part II

Chloe will be an angel in our church's Christmas pageant on the 23rd.  She seems to be really looking forward to it.  We have been practicing the song "Away in a Manger" in order to get ready for the big day, and  as her confidence of the words has increased, she has really begun to belt it out.  I noticed for the first time yesterday that she was singing "The little Lord Jesus asleep on the bed." so I said to her

M: Chloe, Jesus was asleep on the hay.

C: What's that?

M: Well, hay is kinda like grass.

C: Sleep on grass! That's silly.

M: No, his mommy and daddy didn't have a lot of money so when Jesus was born, he had to sleep on the hay with the animals.

C: No.  Jesus not sleep in the grass, Jesus sleep in a bed. (gets excited) Mommy, Jesus can buy a bed!  Jesus not need to sleep on the grass!


Christmas Remix

Chloe is really, really into Christmas this year.  The songs, the lights, the advent calendar, the gift buying and wrapping.  She just loves it all.  She has especially had fun with the Christmas tree.  I let her help decorate this year, and had a beautiful 6inch area of tree completely covered by blue bulbs (her favorite color.)  Until I rearranged a bit, that is.  Every day at some point she stands in front of the tree, admiring its lights and ornaments and the presents underneath.  And nearly everyday she busts into song, singing in her own Chloe fashion, "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, your leaves they are so tasty." I'm just waiting for her to give ours a try.

And, I do realize how incredibly un-Christmas her carol of choice is.  I mean can you get any more pagan than actually proclaiming your love and adoration for a dead tree?  It reminds me of our pastor once defending our putting up of trees (a tradition with well-known pagan roots) by saying something like "We're not worshipping it or dancing around it or anything like that." Hmm... maybe not at your house, but, well, anyone care to Rock Around the Christmas Tree with us?


I'm D-O-N-E with all of my Christmas shopping! Well, almost done. There's a one certain Mimi who doesn't exactly have a present yet... but, more or less, I'm doing the happy happy done with the shopping and crowds dance!


The New Do

Chloe's First Haircut

I finally gave into Chloe's constant pressuring me to take her to get her hair cut.  She was such a brave girl, and just loves her new do.  It was well past time for Eli to get his cut again, and this time wasn't a wonderful experience like before.  Because Eli needed me so intensely the entire time, I didn't get to watch Chloe or take pictures or savor the moment at all.  I was so proud of her, though.  She was like a little woman sitting in that chair.  Obeying every command from the stylist, and acting as if this was something she did all the time.  Her maturity amazes me sometimes. 

There are pictures on flickr of both the haircuts and our new halls decked.  I'm trying to write more, but it is still so hard.  I have gone to the gym even less than I have blogged.  'Nuff said.


Happy Birthday House!

Here is the girl of honor playing with her favorite gift (which was followed closely by a dora coloring book and 94 box of crayons). There are a few more party pictures on flickr :)


Happy Trick or Treat


Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Chloe is 3! We had a superfun time at her Blue/Chocolate/Thomas party.  She loves her dollhouse and plays with it all the time.  I am going to have many sweet memories of her imagination blossoming through her wooden people.

I will write more and put up pictures as soon as I can.  We are on our way to Trick-or-Treat at Daddy's work!  Chloe insists on being a doctor, and Eli is going to be a cowboy.  Giddyup.


Miss Manners

Daddy: Can I sit beside you, Chloe?

Chloe: Say "may" Daddy.

Daddy: May I sit beside you, Chloe?

Chloe: No you may not.  You may sit over there (points to the other side of the room).

Daddy: Sighs, hangs head, and starts walking.

Tastes Like Chicken

A couple of weekends ago Chloe and I took a girl's day to visit Jillian and Emmy.  We had a lot of fun just hanging out in Salisbury. In the afternoon, Chloe was completely exhausted from all the fun, and fell asleep on the couch.  She awoke, quite confused, to Lance licking her face.  When she fully came around she said, "Lance, don't taste Chloe anymore, Ok?"

Backseat Driver

It's been over a year now since Chloe first learned the rhyme "Red means Stop, Green means Go, Yellow means you better go Slow!" from Ms. Sue at Storytime.  Now that she is almost 3, she has learned exactly what this rhyme means, and takes every opportunity to correct my driving.  It's helpful when I'm not paying attention, and long before the car behind me has a chance to honk me along, I hear "It's green now Mommy! You can GO!" And at other times it's kinda funny.  Like when I make a right on red I hear "Oh No Mommy! It's not green, it's RED! Red means STOP!" or when it's yellow and I do just the opposite of what the little song tells me to do.  Sometimes though, it can be a little annoying.  This is usually as I wait forever to turn left onto our street which happens to be a pretty busy intersection.  The light is as green as green can be, but we just sit there with Chloe yelling "Go Mommy, it's green.  It's green Mommy, you can go now.  Green means GO, Mommy!....."  Ack, I don't even want to think about what she will be like when she's sixteen.


Dr. Chloe

Doesn't she look like the pretty doctor that everyone loves? When I asked her if she wanted a princess skirt or doctor scrubs, she said "DOCTOR, DOCTOR!" That's my girl!

Say "Ahh"

We got doctor outfits from the Dollar Tree today. Pretty cool, cheap amusement!


35 Months (Belated)

"School" started back at Colonial, and Chloe is loving the 3yo classroom.  She gets high marks every week for her attention span and sweet nature.  She loves Cubbies, too, and even though she is actually too young to be in there (a little rule-bending makes for an emptier nursery), she is a wonderful student.  She learns her verses every week, and remembers what her teachers tell her.  School is definitely her element.

Chloe is also really into running and jumping and tumbling this month.  She climbs to the top of every playground tower and does forward rolls from one end of the hallway to the other.  She plays hard and gets really dirty and worn out. Then she panics about being dirty.  Some things haven't completely changed.  She and Eli love each other and play well together for longer spurts of time.


Books- Her AWANA handbook, Thomas books, Bibles, books about Autumn (she loves pointing out leaf colors and saying "No leaves!" when a tree is bare)

Things: Trains, Swing and Slide, Balloons

Activities: Helping me pack boxes, Making Daddy hop like a (insert animal here), Climbing on the climber, Teaching Eli, Talks of turning 3 and birthday parties and "My Happy Birthday House" (aka the big gift), Imitating Mommy, Bonus! kisses

 Only one more month until the Big Three and the big move! Suddenly, Happy Birthday House has gathered a whole new meaning.

Wormy's Words: Househunting Edition

After going through several houses, she seemed to get the hang of what to say...

"Ooh, I like that.  Good closets.  Pretty floor. Good potty."

Upon seeing a disgusting 1970 something oven that hadn't been cleaned in 20 years

"Cute Oven, Mommy! Great cabinets! Now, let's check the yard."

After seeing a Buddha in the master of our new house

"Funny monkey.  Look Mommy, I pet the monkey... ooh ah ah ooh ah ah"

In our new house

Me: "This will be Eli's room. (walk down hall to next door).... this will be Chloe's room."

Chloe: "I don't have a bed, I'll just sleep on the floor."

Me: walking to master "And who will sleep here, Chloe?"

Chloe: "This Mimi and Grandpa's room!"

Me: "Where will Mommy and Daddy sleep?"

Chloe: "Mommy Daddy sleep at old house."

 Running around in the woods behind the new house

"I like new yard! It's fun! (falls down, cries, runs to me) I not like new yard anymore! I want old yard again!"

Ever since we looked at the house we bought and Chloe saw there was no bed there, she has insisted on sleeping on the floor of her room with no pillow for nap everyday.  Her little brain is just a mystery to me.

It's Been Awhile

And it will be awhile longer, but I did add the real estate company's pics of our new house to our flickr.  There are some notes about some of the home improvements we have in mind.  The whole family is so excited about the Lord's blessings on us.


Daddy's Blog: Color Commentary

A sampling from Chlo's commentary from the UVA-Carolina game today.

"I watch football!  I watch football with Daddy!" 

"Football he has football....he throwed it!"

"He runnin!  He runnin!"

"Uh-oh!  He didn't mean to."

"He caught football.  Good catch!"

"He fall down."

"He fall down again."

QB scrambles and throws the ball away:

"He did it!"

Noticing the Carolina logo:

"Go Heels, go!"

Noticing the State logo during the advertisement for next week's coverage:

"Go Wolfpack!"


A Closer Look

With a typical two year old smile.

Cubbie Girl

Here she is. Our official AWANA Cubbie.


Awana Update

Last week Chloe said all three of her AWANA verses, the combination of which summed up the gospel and our need for a Savior.  I am so proud of her, and so thankful for her strong, natural inclination toward things of the Lord.

Last week's verses:

"God loved us and sent His son." 1 John 4:10

"All have sinned." Romans 3:23

"While we were sinners, Jesus died for us." Romans 5:8

And the Cubbie motto: Jesus loves me!

This week's verse is "God is love." 1 John 4:8.  We've made a little song out of it, and she sings it over and over throughout the day.

Sing Them Over Again to Me, Wonderful Words of Life

For the past several months the favorite CD of the Covil household has been Chris Rice's Peace Like a River: The Hymns Sessions.  It's a collection of old favorites including It is Well With My Soul, A Mighty Fortress, Come Thou Fount, and several others.  The first time I heard Chloe belting out "It is well, it is well with my soullllllllllllll" tears flooded my eyes.  It's the most precious sound I have ever heard.  Her favorite track on the CD is an old spiritual, O Freedom.  She loves to sing as she plays, and you can often hear the words "to go home to my Lord and be free" coming from her bedroom as she works puzzles or plays with her dolls.  Faith like a child, indeed.

Whose Radio?

Our most listened to radio station in the van is 91.1, His Radio.  The station's jingle was actually one of the first things Chloe ever sang along with.  (That and the Stanley Steemer commercial on television.)  The jingle is pretty typical, going something like "His, His, Hi-i-i-is, His Ra-di-o"  Now everytime the jingle comes on, Chloe sings along and then immediately responds with "No, it's Co-ey's radio.  It's not his radio.  It's not Eli's radio.  It's Co-ey's.  Eli not have a radio.  Just Chloe has a radio." Just the message they were trying to send!

Hold Fast, Help Is On the Way

We were in the van when a police car went by with lights flashing. 

"It's police car! He's going to help someone.  Go help someone, police car!  Go help Mimi, police car.  He gotta go help Mimi cause her back hurts."


Two Year Old Theology

While strolling with Daddy and Eli to the playground in Oakwood.  Chloe notices a tree stump.

"Uh Oh! The tree broke! ...... God didn't mean to."



And Her Bed


We finally got a mattress made out of 6-inch foam, so no more pallet for the princess. We also got pretty bedding, and the giant pillow sham from Pottery Barn Kids for $10 (originally $40). It’s so fun to have my little girl sleeping on the same bed I slept on at her age. As pretty as it is, it’s a huge pain to make everyday, but all in all, it’s just right!


34 Months (and 2 days)

This has been my favorite month ever with Chloe.  She has been absolutely precious.  Quite a change from last month at this time!

We have had lots of fun playing together.  We read and play with her "peoples" everyday.  She is getting old enough to really help me around the house.  She is a learner, and is currently enthralled by maps and American flags.  She loves to look at maps and know that they "show us where we are" and on tv they "show us where it's rainin". 

Last night she started Awana Cubbies, and was an angel.  I look forward to memorizing verses with her.  It will be good for both of us!  When we got home from church, she talked endlessly about Cubbies and all of her friends who were Cubbies, ending the night by sleeping in panties because "Cubbies don't wear diapers."  As soon as I get her vest I will be sure to post a picture of her in the official attire.


Books- any Thomas book, Dora books, It's Fall!, and There's a Billy Goat in the Garden

TV- this month has been a revival of the old faves: Blue's Clues, Barney, Cedarmont Kids, Winnie the Pooh

Foods- Bagels, chicken, strawberries, chips, waffles, watermelon

Things to Do- Puzzles, color, go to church, go to the library, jump on beds, jump in general, climb, stroll her babies along the sidewalk, read, tickle, laugh

A Case of the Gimmes

It cracked me up yesterday when we were doing some grocery shopping and Chloe was near tears begging for me to buy things for her.  Ashamedly, I admit I gave in to her pleas and bought the rotisserie chicken and the watermelon she so desired.


Do As I Say

Overheard and seen via the rearview mirror while driving home from the store this morning.

Eli: (repeating over and over, getting succesively louder and more annoying) Mah-Moe, Mah-Moe, Mah-MOE, MAH MOE, MAH MOE......

Chloe: (sweetly) Don't say Mah-Moe, Eli.

Eli: Mah-Moe

Chloe: (a little annoyed) I said don't say mah moe, E!

Eli: MAH. MOE.

Chloe: (very frustrated) Eli, look at me, look at my eyes.  Don't say Mah-moe.  Do you understand?

Eli: Mah-moe, mah-moe, mah-moe!

Chloe: (exasperated sigh, wags finger in his face) Eli, no more. DON'T SAY MAH-MOE! Ok?

Eli: Mah-moe

Chloe: (grunts and looks out window)

Silence, lasts about a minute or so

Chloe: OhBaDoeBah, OhBaDoeBah, OhBaDoeBah.......

Shhh... It's a Surprise!

This is hiding under the flannel snowman sheet in the back of my closet :)dollhouse1.jpg


Dollhouse Dreams Dashed

We just received an email that said, "we're sorry.  when we sold you the dollhouse we didn't actually check to make sure we have it in stock first.  we don't. and we won't get more.  we'll refund your card. thank you, come again."

Morning Fresh


Dollhouse Dreams II

The word "dollhouse" is a powerful one for little girls and women alike.  It's full of all kinds of memories of days gone by, or for the younger ones, hopes for future fun.  The word has recently elicited a variety of animated stories that have been so fun to hear.  From what I've heard, it seems there are two kinds of girls in this world. There are those who are Dollhouse Girls and those who, quite simply, are not.

My grandma is a Dollhouse girl.  There were two things she always wanted to have, a bicycle and a dollhouse, both of which she never got.  When she was a young girl, her Aunt Lenoir had lost two children and wanted to take my grandma as her own.  She was a kind woman, who never said a cross word.  She was gentle and sweet, and promised grandma a bike and a dollhouse and new dresses if only she would come be her daughter.  Coming from a family of five children, this request didn't seem at all unreasonable to grandma, plus her mom quarrelled all the time.  Her house was loud and chaotic, they wouldn't miss the youngest of the five.  Grandma begged and pleaded, but her mom never relented.  So after many tears were shed, grandma made due, fashioning dolls and furniture out of scraps of this and that she found along the way.  She used her imagination and had very lively dollhouse adventures without the aid of an actual dollhouse.  Eventually, my grandma would have a daughter, and she vowed her daughter would have a better life than she had.  Her daughter would have a dollhouse!  Of course, my grandma didn't bargain for my mom, whose idea of a fun time was painting all of her baby dolls and jumping on her shiny, new dollhouse crushing it to bits.

Some people have been worried that a nice dollhouse is too much of an investment for a three year old little girl.  What if she doesn't like it?  And while the question is certainly a fair one, (I have seen more than enough postings on craigslist advertising a $200 dollhouse that was "never played with" or "only collecting dust") I don't think we need to worry.  You see, there are two types.  I'm a dollhouse girl, my mom was not.  My sister wasn't and neither is her daughter. My grandma was, as was Mimi. Wormy has gone the past year with only a doll family, and like grandma, has spent countless hours imagining a home and furniture for her little people.  Her face lights up when she sees pictures of houses online, and asks for a "Happy Birthday House" nearly everyday.  I think it's safe to say she's a Dollhouse Girl.


The Other, More Important, Side

In case you want to see the inside of Sunshine Manor....

Dollhouse Dreams

It was almost refreshing to see the giant goblins set-up in Sam's Club this morning.  It helped us know that we weren't the only ones looking forward to that last weekend in October, and we weren't completely crazy for thinking about it oh so soon.  Of course, it's not Halloween that excites us, but Wormy's third birthday, just two days before the big day of bewitching. 

We have been giving her birthday lots of thought for awhile now, primarily concerning ourselves with the perfect present.  We decided this year, if at all possible, would be the year of the Dollhouse.  We want something special, nothing plastic and fleeting, but rather a rich, wooden, heirloom that will be enjoyed not only by Chloe, but by the next generation as well.  I've been combing the internet looking for the perfect match, and have attempted to snag a few pretty good looking ones on Craigslist, always to be beat out by a swifter, more desperate mommy.  Afraid we would never be able to buy anything nice, I asked my mom and my grandma if they would be willing to go in with us instead of buying Worm a seperate gift, and they were completely excited to do so!

Last night, we took the kids to Learning Express so I could see some houses in person while the kids played with the Thomas set.  I decided a few that I kinda liked online were merely okay in person. I was a little discouraged, thinking nothing was quite good enough when I finally saw it.  The one.  The perfect heirloom.  It was beautiful, but not frilly.  Big, but not monstrous.  Modern, but not so to become dated.  And it had a couple of really cool features (ie. a working doorbell and drapes that go up and down), but not so many that the gadgets strip away the need for imagination. I was in love, and so was Patrick.  I looked for a price, and finding none, went over to the clerk to inquire.  I thought it would be a little high, but I didn't think I would see my dreams dashed so quickly and violently! (That much?!? For a dollhouse!!) We left a little dejected, but knew we would find something nice, just not that nice elsewhere.  I decided to look for the one from the store online last night, and hit dead ends at every turn.  Vendor after vendor was sold out with no idea when more would be in.  And then it happened.  I found one!  At a place called Future Memories, no less.  Not only did I find one, but it was fifty dollars  cheaper!  We ordered it immediately, knowing it was still too pricey for a birthday gift, but not being able to help ourselves, and it will be here in a week or so.

Anyone else willing to chip in instead of getting a seperate gift would be greatly, greatly appreciated.  If you do like to buy seperate presents, furniture (Melissa and Doug or Ryan's Room type) for our little people will be much loved, otherwise, they will have only curtains and a doorbell till Christmas!  Those of us who buy the house will all sign the bottomside, adding a special note or Bible verse to make this gift truly special and meaningful for years to come.  We are so excited about it, and really have no idea how we are going to keep ourselves from ripping open the box and ringing the little tiny doorbell before the big day.

I have another story or two to tell regarding this whole thing, but since this has become tiresome already, I will end now, and quench your desire to see what this great thing looks like.... so without further ado...!




(In Raeford) Everyone's a Cummings or a Goins

I was moving furniture around by myself this morning, generally making a monstrous mess of things.  Eli was hanging out by my kneecaps, and Chloe was playing in her room. A loud noise from the living room sent Chloe running out to investigate. 

Chloe: Mommy, what's coming on in here?

Mommy: Huh?

Chloe: What's coming on?

Mommy: Oh, you mean what's going on!

Chloe: (pauses, pensive, replies) No, what's coming on.

Mommy: Oh, ok.  Well, I'm moving the couch. 

Chloe: Ok, Mommy.  You move the couch. (returns to her room)


Wormy's Words

On Friday Chloe and I were in the living room together, when suddenly something caught her attention.  She stopped what she was doing, looked intently toward me and said, "Mommy, you're not wearing earrings! Mommy, your ears are naked!"

Yesterday she jerked open the refrigerator door, saw a full pitcher of her favorite summer liquid, and passionately exclaimed, "Mommy! God made more lemonade! Thank you, God! Chloe would like some lemonade, please!"

In the van, going to evening church, watching "Red video" yet again.  The Cedarmont Kids logo comes up and Eli immediately starts pointing at each letter saying "O-O-O".  Chloe sweetly replies, "That's not an O, Silly Boy. (Logo goes away) Look, they'll show you.  (Logo comes back) There it is! Look, Eli. K-I-D-S spells KIDS!"


Daddy Blog: Home Sweet Home

I'm thankful to have a wife that so sweetly cares for our family.  I'm vividly reminded of this when playing Chloe's favorite new game, House.  Friday night we set up Chlo's Little Pink House and a little blue tent that was "Eli's house" in Chloe's room.  We all had a great time entering and leaving and ringing door bells and sheltering from the storms.  Chloe had a little more fun when E was napping and she didn't have someone trying to knock down her walls.  This afternoon while playing House, Wormy wiggled out of her house announcing that I needed lunch and then returned carrying a bowl of plastic french fries.  I asked if Chloe wanted lunch and she said that she didn' was just for Daddy.  As I was enjoying my fries, Chlo left to "make Daddy's coffee" and returned with a nice, hot, invisible cup ("Be careful, Daddy.  Don't spill.  It's hot.").  After I had finished slurping down my coffee, Chlo told me, "I need to go to gym."  She then sternly assured me, "I be right back.  Don't cry, Daddy."  And with a kiss to my cheek, she left the house to go "runnin' and jumpin'".  After returning and taking her shower, which was apparently very cold, she ran many other errands, mostly buying milk at the store.  Each time I was instructed to stay inside.  I was finally rewarded with a trip to the park where we had fun sliding down the living room chair and swinging on pillows.


33 months (and some days)

The month flew by, and a few cute things have happened, but I don't remember them.  As I sit here reflecting, trying to recall what they were, my brain is filled with the memories of day after day of constant, droning whining sounds.


Books- Old Bible, New Bible, Eli's bedtime book, Freight Train by Donald Crews, Truck by Donald Crews, 10 Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

TV- Red video, Barney, PBS Kids

Things to say- "Like Chloe's doing, Eli!" "No, that's mine!" "Daddy hold you." "No Mommy, not help you, Coey do it all by self."

Foods- strawberries, oranges, corn, organic fruit roll-up type things, chocolate chips

Things to Do- Puzzles, making Mommy draw everyone in the family, stamps, coloring, jumping, taking walks


A Look Into My Crystal Ball




How Our Garden Grows

Chloe showing off the fruits of her labor

Chloe showing off the fruits of her labor


Easy, DZ

Today, I overheard Chloe say:

"I want a Frat Boy!"


Mary Mary Quite Contrary

We planted our very first ever "garden" this year, consisting of two tomato plants, two squash plants, a watermelon plant, and some pretty flowers.  We only have a small strip of mulch in the backyard where we are allowed to plant, but everything has thrived, and it has been a lot of fun.  Chloe's job is to water the plants every evening, and she absolutely loves it. At times I have tried to water the plants on my own, only to be rebuked by a panicked Wormy running and yelling, "No Mommy! Mommy not do it! That's Co-ey's job, that's not Mommy's job!"  Occasionally, when I am feeling especially patient, I even let her pull off the dead flowers to keep everything looking vibrant.  She really loves those times.  So far we have harvested and consumed six squash.  They were so yummy.  We have a half dozen green tomatoes, a watermelon, and a few more squash still on the vine.  I can't wait until the watermelon is ready.  There is something incredibly satisfying about eating the fruits of your labor.  It just tastes better.

Daddy Blog: Wormy's Words

After a storm had passed and I was taking Chlo back to bed

"Bye rainin'!  Bye thunder!  Bye lightnin'!  Thanks for coming!"

More Words from Wormy

Mommy is getting dressed.

Chloe: You look so pretty, Mommy.

Mommy smiles at Chloe, says nothing.

Chloe: Say thank you, Mommy.

Mommy: Thank you, Chloe!

Chloe: You're very welcome.

Not a Trace of Doubt in My Mind

I really hate to admit it, but it's true.  I know I should have no other gods, I know there are no other true religions, I know that God is sovereign and omnipresent.  He controls all things.  He knows the plot from beginning to end before the play is even written.  I know this.  Still, I just can't shake it.  I believe in the jinx.  Like God, it never fails me.  The words "Look how good the kids are being, Honey" are always immediately followed with screaming and blood.  "I can't believe they went to sleep so easily" answered with piercing yells from the back corner of the house.  "He hasn't been sick in so long!" ended with snot and crankiness by evening.  My Husband likes to tease me about my belief, uttering aloud my innermost thoughts at the most inopportune (ie quietest and most peaceful) times.  Yet, after Tuesday night, I think even he is beginning to go the way of Solomon.  After a round of intense storms left the kids unawakened, he remarked about how great it is that our little girl, though scared unto panic by leaves and feathers, sleeps through the worst blusters.  Enter storm 2.  The result? Two toddlers, scared and wide awake until two in the morning, and one Daddy wondering how this can be.  The jinx, that's how.

The Land of Make Believe

It's been fun to see Chloe really begin to embrace pretend play of late.  A few days ago, she jumped up onto the ottoman and exclamed, "Get on the boat, Mommy!  Hurry! You're getting wet!"  Then yesterday she was using a shoestring to unscrew the battery compartment of one of Eli's toys saying "gotta fix the batteries, Mommy!"


Daddy Blog: The Secret of the Favorite Colors

Remember this?  We had assumed that Chlo had randomly assigned our favorite colors without any order or logic involved.  We should have known better.  Chloe, Eli and I were polishing off our homemade cinnamon rolls on the front porch when Wormy pointed to her rocker and said, "Co-ee's favorite color is pink!"  Next she pointed to Eli's rocker (which happened to be blue) and said, "Eli's favorite color is blue!"  Then she pointed to the adult-sized rocker and announced, "Mommy's favorite color is white!"  And lastly she pointed to me and the (red) swing I was sitting in and yelled, "Daddy's favorite color is red!"

makes sense now


Little Pink Houses

Our Independence Day was lots of fun this year.  We spent the holiday plus a couple of more days in Shallotte, doing the whole tourist thing with t-shirts to prove it.  On the Fourth we had a massive cook-out topped off with the neighbors' really cool, illegal fireworks.  We did the tour of beaches (Ocean Isle, Holden, Mimi's yard), and the kids had different kinds of fun at all of them.  Our nights were stinkrotten, which made our days a little less wonderful, but there was still plenty of fun to go around.47b7d927b3127cce86efc4dfc81d00000036108ezmmzhwxco.jpg




A New Home

I decided to move over here after seeing how nice all of my friends' sites are.  I hope it's not too much of a hassle for all (two) of you to switch up your bookmarks.  This site is more user-friendly, more stream-lined and classy.  Plus, everybody's doing it, and the peer pressure's getting to me.


32 months

This month Chloe's imagination took off running. For the first time she began playing pretend and role-playing on a daily basis. She has gotten good at playing with her small wooden family. I especially love to hear the dialogue that the members have with one another. It can be pretty hilarious. She has also gotten even more complex in taking care of her babies and playing Mommy. My favorite new activity is, by far, the invention of a game that started from "Wanna play water, Daddy?" "Oh, we can't play in the water right now, Sweetie, I'm sorry." "Dad-dy play in the wa-ter!" "I'm sorry sweetie, it's too late" "(Hits floor with hands) Chloe splash Daddy! Daddy's wet! Daddy play in water with Chloe!" "Ooooooh! Sure, Daddy can play in that water!" And the "splashing" and "swimming" commence and travel throughout the house with lots of shrieks and squeals along the way.

Books- Hands are Not For Hitting, Thomas: Percy and the Dragon, Where is the Green Sheep?,
TV- PBS Kids
Songs- Shoo Fly, It's Raining/It's Pouring, This Old Man, Tap Your Sticks
Foods- Wraps with Turkey, lettuce, cheese, and ranch, Ketchup (she finally discovered dipping), lettuce, cookies, grilled chicken, oranges

(More) Wormy's Words

I left a few favorites out on the last post....

Every morning when I come in from the gym, Chloe has just woken up "Hi Mommy! Mommy's home from the gym! Mommy was running and jumping! Mommy's STRONG (with appropriate arm motions)! Mommy's fetty (sweaty).... Mommy's wet. Mommy was a brave girl to get wet."

Upon leaving with Daddy and Eli to give me some time to clean the house in peace "Don't cry Mommy, we'll be right back!"

(serious voice) "Bug bite you! Mean ole bug!"

(also in very serious voice) "That mean ole skerl, he stole our squash!"

"Brave girl.....nooooo.. Brave boy, elephant! Dolly is a gurl, elephant is a buoy!"

Seeing me water the plants, runs up excitedly "It's Coey's turn, Mommy! Mommy not do more, just Co-ey do it."


The Cotton is High


Wormy's Words

"God made my boo-boo better! Thank you, God!"

Praying before bed "Thank you for our food. Thank you for Eli eat dinner. Chloe not eat dinner. Chloe not like it, Eli like it!"

First words to Daddy every evening when he gets home "Good-bye Daddy's work, Hello Daddy's home!"

After nap which was a pre-req for playing in the sprinkler. Chloe is sitting on couch waiting, and Eli starts crying from his crib "Chloe not sleep, but Eli sleep ALLLLL DAAAAY. Eli was sleepy."

"Hi Momp! Hi Dat! giggles"

"Daddy's car is dirty, Daddy's car needs bath."


Maybe She Really Does Know

Rushing out the door to get Daddy from work

me: "Argh.. where did mommy put her phone???"
chloe:"mommy's phone's in the bathroom."

and it was.

Wormy Knows All

We were playing our favorite game "raise your hand if ____" when I paused to ask Chloe what her favorite color was.

me: "Hey, Chlo, what's your favorite color?"
chlo: matter-of-factly "pink."
me: "what's eli's?"
chlo: "eli's is blue. what's mommy's?"
me: "my favorite color is pink, too!"
chlo: "no. it's not pink, it's white."
me: "oh really? I didn't know that. well, what's daddy's?"
chlo: "daddy's is red."


Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Today was Ryan's 5th Birthday and we were lucky ducky enough to be invited to the party! The kids had a lot of fun with squirt guns, bubbles, pizza, cake, and ice cream.

Chloe and Ella learning to squirt their guns. The only way they could get the trigger pressed was to face the gun toward themselves. Quite comical to watch.

The birthday boy takes the first swing.

Birthdays taste yum.


Religious Studies 101

I walked in while Chloe was passionately reading her Bible outloud. I notice she is on page one and hear, " an-u-muls.. no people.. no flowers.. there was Nothing!"


We Have Arrived

111th Post!

Who knew there were so many?


Cleanliness Is Chloe-ness, C'td

Like I said a few posts back, I'm kind of lazy lately. Add that to a slow drain in the bathroom sink, and you get a grimy, icky basin to look at day in and day out. Chloe can't stand it. Every day, every time, she is in my bathroom (which happens to be every time that I'm in my bathroom) she steps on her tippytoes, peers in to the sink, and in her most serious and panicked voice starts berating me for the dirty sink. "Uh Oh! Sink dirty. Mommy need to fix it. Mommy need clean sink. Sink dirty. That's yuck!" Repeat roughly ten times a day for approximately a week now. Yesterday while the kids were napping, I was put under a great deal of conviction as the spirit of cleanliness and godliness decided to invade my lazybone (not really, we're having sitters coming over tonight and I didn't want them to know how we live) and I put out about two minutes of my usually wasted time and cleaned the sink! I was very proud of myself. Later that evening Chloe came into the bathroom to visit with me and instantly noticed the difference. Her eyes brightened, a giant smile spread across her face, she shot her fists into the air and gleefully shouted "Hooray! Mommy cleaned the sink! Good job Mommy! Sink's pretty! Mommy a good girl! Brave Mommy! Brave Sink! Ta-Da!" I decided right then and there that I wouldn't let my sink get in that shape again. In fact, I'll let it get even worse! The praise and reaction for cleaning away the filth was worth a few days of constant nagging from my two year old and having to look away everytime I washed my hands.


Two Going on Twenty

I know, I know. That title is so overdone. You hear it said everywhere, always followed with polite laughter and an inward rolling of the eyes. Or maybe it's just me that reacts that way, who knows. I can't believe I even used it, but it just seems to fit oh so well. It really is startling how many cliches you find to be truths once you become a parent. They really do grow up so fast, and they really are babies for just a short time, and before you know it, they will be in college. And I know I really do need to enjoy it while it lasts, and people are probably right to tell me I'll miss it when it's gone. But you know, cherishing these years is hard. For me it's really, really hard. I'm selfish and easily annoyed. I like eating my food without other people's slobber on it. I like to use the bathroom alone and shower without miniature peeping toms watching my every wash and rinse. I like my cooking to be appreciated and my conversations meaningful. Like I said, I'm selfish. On the other hand, I love being loved unconditionally. I love the unbridled excitement and the screeching of feet to the backdoor when I return from an errand. I love being told "Brave Girl, Mommy!" everytime I get my head wet in the shower. I like knowing that to my little girl I'm a good "cooker" and that my "nuffins" are worthy of the happy food dance. I love the cuddles and the kisses and the laughter and the squeals. I even love being needed when there is pain and crying. I love seeing them grow and hearing what they've learned. I love the songs they sing and the stories they tell. I truly love them, unconditionally. This blog for me is a way to hold onto the good (and a little bit of the bad) so that one day, when I finally feel like cherishing these times, and I start to miss the baby years, I will have my memories completely raw and uncontaminated by time and ready for reminiscing.

Eating raw carrots and broccoli and doing the happy food dance. How's that for all grown up!?

Still my bookWorm, looking oh so old in her favorite reading position.

A Summer's Breeze

There's A Little Girl, In Our Neighborhood

what Summer is all about


Tempered Tantrum

Eli is having a hard time napping. His teeth hurt or something. He sleeps a few minutes and then wakes up wailing. Yesterday, I go in, again, to cuddle him in the rocker and try to help him rest. Enter Chloe. She peeks through the doorway at me holding Eli and immediately becomes distraught. I press my finger to my lip, whisper "Shh!" and motion for her to go back into the living room. She does. A very short moment later she marches back down the hall, peers in once again, and begins whining for me to neglect her brother and return my affections to their rightful owner. Again I shush and point. Not liking this, Chloe lays down in the floor preparing for what looks to be the beginnings of an Oscar winning tantrum. Then something odd. She looks thoughtful, stops, and stands up. I prematurely think to myself "Good girl!" and smile. She then walks forward, softly and sweetly shuts the door, and returns to her aforementioned position. This time kicking and screaming commence and all attempts at napping end.


31 Months

This has been the fastest month in the history of my marriage. I feel like I just sat down to type Chlo's 30 month post yesterday, and can't really imagine there being anything new to say today.
We started potty training last week with a little guidance from our favorite doctor, and I am happy to say Chloe is doing great. It of course started out rocky, with Chloe returning to her withholding routine, but she has already started going more often, and hasn't had an accident since last Wednesday!
In other news, Chloe continues to be such a sweet girl and a great helper around the house. She is beginning to pretend a little more, and likes to pretend to be Mommy, which is always endearing.
She is really into Thomas the Train and putting together puzzles. She is quite adept at figuring out pretty advanced puzzles alone or with very little help. She does ages 3+ and a couple of 5+. We bought her a new Bible with better pictures and longer stories, and she is really excited about that. Her old one is being shifted to the occupant just one door down. I hope he gets excited about the stories and clings to the Words as Chloe does.
This month's faves:

Books- Rooster's Off to See the World and Little Cloud by Eric Carle, Thomas and the Birthday Party, and Minerva Louise at School

Songs- This Old Man, ABC Song, Angels Watching Over Me, Father Abraham

To Do- Play in Water, Go to Church, Cook, Puzzles, Help Eli, Help Mommy do laundry, Tickle with Daddy, Water the Flowers, Climb and Jump off of stuff

Foods- "Watermelly", DoughNos (bagels), chicken, muffins, and for one beautifully weird day... a southwest grilled chicken and spinach salad

Another month down! School is getting closer every day.
Here's to more posts in June.

We Interrupt This Sabbatical

with an actual post!

I know it's been awhile, and I'm sure lots of really cute, blog-worthy things have happened. Probably an equal amount of cute and annoying, but unfortunately for all of us, the annoying is all that really sticks with me. Hence, the reason for the blog in the first place. Ah, well.

We've actually been quite busy being hospitable as of late. First with Sir Lancelot Huff's four day visit while his mommy had a baby....

Then with a week of TootieDoins.....

topped off by a day of Grandmas!

We've had so much fun around here that we just didn't have time to share it with all of you! Hopefully as things come to me I can put up a quote or two, but for now, I mustneeds get back to preparing meals for others and cleaning up little messes.


They Were Cousins, Identical Cousins

Revive Us Again

We are trying to re-find normalcy around here after a week of vacation followed by a week of late night revival. The kids are beginning to settle back into their eating and sleeping patterns, with Chloe refusing to eat anything but cereal in milk three times a day, and Eli phasing out of his morning nap. Yup, things are finally settling down. We got the chance to visit with extended family who happened to be down in Myrtle Beach while we were visiting back home. The weather was horrific with insane winds and really cold nights. We never even made it to the beach. We did, however, make it to Ripley's Aquarium, a really cool tourist destination. We gawked at the colorful fish, walked beneath the sharks, and petted some horseshoe crabs and rays. It was a fun day.

Seeing Double

Is it just me or are those two looking more and more like twins every day??!?!?

My Hamms

I pulled out a new toy I've had stashed away for awhile now. A pop-up soccer goal. The kids were both running around like crazy in the backyard, squealing and chasing their balls. I thought, "Perfect! They will love this!" And they did... so much for exercise and getting energy out.


Pullen Park


Daddy Blog: Getting Warmer

I was wiping the table off after supper (Terri was at a gym class. I kept looking at the table waiting for a kid to pick up a rag and go at it, but alas...) and Wormy was polishing off her nuggies.

Chlo: "It's cold." Referring to the dishrag.
Me: "Really? I think it's kinda warm."
Chlo: "No, it's kinda cold."
Me: "No, it's warm."
Chlo: "No, it's cold."
Me: "Here, feel it."
Chlo puts her hands on dishrag.
Chlo: "It's kinda cold."
Me: "Alright...but I think it's warm!"
Chlo: "It's werm."


30 months

I can't believe my girl is already 2.5 years old! Halfway to kindergarten age! This month we have seen an incredible surge in her ability to communicate verbally. She still likes to revert to whining and talking Eli-style several times a day, but when she wants to, she surprises us with incredible sentences. While she has become more prone to tantrums, at the same time she is more loving, and has some trouble being alone at night. She loves practicing jumping, running, skipping, and twirling in her Sunday dresses. She still can't jump with both feet off of the ground and it cracks me up to watch her try. Pottytraining is on the backburner while we continue to retrain her to "let her pee-pee out", but she has gotten much better at doing that. She still loves to read and sing and work puzzles and build towers. She loves playing in the sprinkler and being outdoors in general. Bubbles are still difficult for her to blow, she just can't get her mouth right, but when one accidentally comes out, she is ecstatic. She loves praising us for every little thing: "good nap mommy! good shower daddy!, etc." making us smile. She is Eli's number one interpreter and advocate, making sure I give him anything he might desire: "Mommy, Eli needs his cup." or "Eli needs cookies, too." Chlo is such a serious and smart, sweet and caring little girl.


Songs- Ring Around the Rosie, I May Never March in the Infantry, This Old Man, Jesus Loves Me

Books- Minerva Louise, Thomas the Tank Engine, Jesse Bear What Will You Wear?

TV- still Cedarmont Kids Sing-a-longs

Places to Go- Park, Church, Backyard, Library, Sam's Club (they have free cookies)

Foods- strawberries, pizza, oatmeal, french fries

Friends- Grace, Ella, Sarah, Ryan


Strawberry Fields

We took the kids to pick strawberries this morning at a farm over in Apex. We had lots of fun picking and tasting our wares. They also had horses to pet and peacocks to gaze at and three billy goats gruff that pretty much just stood around.

Most of Chlo's berries skipped the basket and went straight to the tummy.

A glimpse of both kids enjoying our time.

Chloe petting the "turtle" (how sad that our child hasn't seen enough rocks to know it's not a turtle???)

She really enjoyed walking up and down the rows.