Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy sitting on the couch watching basketball
Chloe enters, looks quizzically at the screen
Daddy: "Daddy is watching basketball!"
Chloe: "Daddy watch basketball!"
Chloe climbs up on couch next to Daddy, stares at screen
Chloe: "Co-ey watch basketball!"


Age is Just a Number

Chloe: EI is Oooone! Coey is Twooooooo! Mommy is Siiiixxx!
Me: No, Mommy is twentysix
Chloe: Mommy is siiiiix, Daddy is sevennn
Me: No, Mommy is twenty-six, Daddy is twenty-six

(A couple of minutes pass)

Chloe: Mommy is twenty-six!
Me: That's right! And Daddy is twenty-six.
Chloe: (Shakes head) Nooo, Daddy is sevennn... Mimi is eigghht... Grandpa is niiiiine.... Grandma is tennnn.... MeMaw is eleven........Papa is twelff...Mommy is twenty-six!

An Anecdote of Example

Yesterday I was folding clothes in my room, standing with a clear view into Eli's room. That's where the kids were playing. Eli wasn't in my line of sight, but Chloe was. Was she ever. I am watching, she doesn't realize it.. yet. She is quietly reading a book, then out of nowhere, she, without any provocation, lifts her book above her head, rares it back, and.....sneaks a peek out of the door where I stand watching. She sees me, self-corrects, and pretends to scratch her head with the book! Like I am going to buy that. I give her the look and she goes back to quietly reading. I need to put some dish towels away, so I decide to make a quick trip to the kitchen wherein I hear "doont...doont...doont...doont.. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...doont..." I quickly run into Eli's room, and for once, Chloe was so into what she doing she didn't hear me coming or have time to get into "position innocence." What do I see? My sweet little girl holding Eli's head between her hands and rhythmically beating it into the closet door. That's what I'm struggling with.

Now, I know the "(gasp) I can't believe you left the two of them alone" attitude. I have had more than one run-in with it of late. But, please, please keep in mind, I have a small house, I can hear everything, they are never that alone. And, as small as it is, it's still virtually impossible to keep clean. I relish the few minutes they play together so that I can check my email or do the dishes or fold clothes or even use the bathroom alone. It doesn't happen often, and when it does, I take advantage of it. :o/

I Say Reason, You Say Excuse

I haven't posted in quite some time because I really haven't been able to come up with anything uplifting to talk about. Many of you know I'm not really a "baby" person, per se. I mean, obviously I love my children dearly, but I just don't enjoy that first year of life. At all. That's why this whole regression thing that Chloe is going through is really stressing me out. Where once I could (finally) understand her and (finally) interact with her through play and such, now I feel like I have two babies in the house instead of one. Chloe talks in baby talk, she pushes, she crams large amounts of food in her mouth, and puts everything else in there as well. I have to take away her big girl toys that she played well with a few weeks ago, but have now re-become choking hazards. And sadly, it's not just a precaution. Sunday she choked so badly Daddy actually had to perform abdominal thrusts to clear her airway. Four whole grapes catapaulted through the air. She is playing in the toilets, whining incessantly, sucking on a pacifier, hitting, shoving, banging, throwing food on the floor, and any and every other frustrating one-year-old habit that she sees Eli perform. I have to admit, I'm at a loss. I'm tired, I'm annoyed, and I just don't really know what to do.... Help!

Be Mine

Clever Daddy gave Chloe the neatest Valentine. It said:




And she was able to "read" it. "D Daddy heart C Co-ey"



Hey Jealousy, You're Still There..

Eli: plays with Mommy's hair. Tugs at it gently and giggles.
Chloe: sees this, runs across room, grabs Mommy's hair, giggles.
Mommy: "Hair. Eli, can you say hair?"
Eli: smiles, touches hair, babbles a bit
Chloe: pushes closer "Chloe say hair, too."
Mommy: Sighs. "Chloe, can you say hair?"
Chloe: "Aaa-Daaaa-Baaa"

Hey Jealousy

Standing in the kitchen with Eli, Chloe is in the living room playing
Mommy: "Hey Eli, give me five!"
Sounds of toys dropping to floor and little feet running
Chloe screeches into the kitchen. Hand is held up and open in high-five position
Chloe: "Chloe give six!"

Sunday Driver

Some kind soul gave my mom a gently used mini power wheels knowing she had two little grands that would love to have fun with it. It really is pretty cute. Chloe has gotten good at going straight, but has no concept of turning. Yesterday she was driving it around the house after church, ran smack into the front door and announced "We're Ho-ome!"


Happy Birthday to Who?

It's funny how only 3 little months ago when Chloe was having her birthday party, she didn't get what the fuss was about. She couldn't have cared any less about her presents or the decorations or any of it. Wowie have things changed. All week leading up to the big day, I would sing Happy Birthday to Eli, mostly to teach Chloe the song. Wails would ensue nearly every time: "Nooooooooo, Sing Coey Birthday!" So I did. "Eli is one! Yay!" was always closely followed by "Coey is two! Yay!" When I would say something about Eli's birthday party, she would politely correct me. "Mommy, it's Coey's Birfday Party." Then when the day finally arrived, she still insisted that it was all for her, the presents were for her, the decorations were for her, the cake was for her. In the end it worked out fine. The girls ended up opening all of the presents and playing with all of the new stuff. It was good though, cause at least for now, Eli just doesn't get it
"It's Baby Coey's Birfday Party"


Cookies Are a Girl's Best Friend

Chloe: More cookies please, Mommy.
Me: Chloe you already had your cookies. Why don't you go get a toy and Mommy will play with you.
Chloe: I wanna play with cookies.